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Max and Constantine Trub are Changing the Game with and Their Short Film “Once Upon a Time Online”

Max and Constantine Trub are co-partners, co-founders, and twin brothers born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. They are the minds behind, a platform designed to help win back the freedom of the people. Their work centers around helping people find conscious freedom, financial freedom, and location freedom through mentorship relationships.

Although the two young men are only now entering their 20s, they are already responsible for $40 million in collective student revenue, as well as 50,000 students and multiple 8-figure client results. They believe that leveraging the power of mentorship is where true results come from.

Inspiration & Early Successes

Max and Constantine Trub came from a family of immigrants. Since the age of 13, they dreamed of becoming entrepreneurs and founding a company of their own. During their high school years, they saw some early success gambling a few hundred dollars on Electronic Commerce.

Max Trub had his first mentor at the age of 15 and said it was the best decision he ever made. It provided him with the freedom to live and work where he wanted without depending on imposing debts and stress caused by the outdated traditional education system. 

At the age of 18, the twins built multiple 6 and 7 figure online businesses. Their early business success led them to the education space, where they began teaching others what they’d learned. From there, the dream was born to create an online education platform to help spread the thinking processes and strategies they’d learned. They were ready to make a reality.

The Creation and Philosophies of

Max and Constantine were inspired by people coming together to fight for individual rights and freedom. They put their hearts and souls into the creation of this company and intend to use it in their quest to leave the earth a better place than they found it.

Max reflects on the creation of “While the world was becoming more chaotic, I worked on this project behind the scenes like Vincent Van Gogh, who adds a grain of madness to his work. A flickering flame kindled into a fire, and that fire took on a mind of its own. And when 2021 rolled around, I began to recognize my labors, quite simply, as an online-thought revolution.”

The goal of is to create a school of thought that is a hundred times better than a traditional college education for less than 1% of the price. To succeed in business, people don’t need education. What they need is mentorship, which is the driving force behind the birth of is dedicated to directing manifestations of will, allowing people to win back their freedoms. Max Trub pursued his earliest callings based on his youth instinct. From that, he was able to build 7 & 8 figure online systems before he was 19 years old. He built his business from absolutely nothing.

Because of their early business success, Max and Constantine believe that man is not just conditioned to survive. More is possible when people avoid fear and conquer their anxiety and anguish. Individuals need to find real and effective motives within themselves, which will help them produce real results.

The driving force of the business isn’t just Max and Constatine’s own experience. Statistics back up their ideas. A stunning 87% of mentors and mentees feel empowered by mentoring relationships, and 97% of individuals with a mentor feel like they’re highly impactful and valuable.

The Business Short Film of the Year: “Once Upon a Time Online”

To help spread their message and inspire the masses, Max and Constantine Trub released a short film, “Once Upon a Time Online.” This short film is available to watch on-demand on

This documentary explores their lives, business, and freedom. The movement has reached a global scale and impacted people beyond their greatest expectations. With their youth and enthusiasm, they aren’t just changing the world down the road… they’re already doing it! 

Nobody’s saying it, so Max Trub will! The traditional path to success is dead and good riddance. Over the last few years, Trub Brothers have begun redefining free thought. Their new short film isn’t just an exploration of what they’ve done but a roadmap to freedom. This short film is as intellectual as it gets! Take a moment to check out this groundbreaking film at

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