Mathew Moxness, the Entrepreneur and Investor in the Spotlight for His Strategic Moves Within the Real Estate Scene

Regardless of the hundreds of thousands of books that are geared toward helping both aspiring and established entrepreneurs ace the game, the reality of starting and scaling a venture is not only harsh and overwhelming but could also be discouraging. Considering the challenges that are inherent in this particular field, it is essential for anyone hoping to dip their toes in the business world, arming themselves with a go-getter attitude, to not bow down in the face of failure. This exact attitude allowed entrepreneur and investor Mathew Moxness to rise to unprecedented heights in the real estate realm and continues to propel him forward. 

A widely accomplished real estate investor and experienced businessman, Mathew Moxness is the mind behind Crescendo Equity Corporation. This real estate investment company, which specializes in repurposing old and underperforming assets into multi-family homes, offers qualified private and group investors unique opportunities to participate in the ownership of prime commercial real estate throughout Canada. 

Over the years, Mathew Moxness has established himself and his company as authorities in the real estate investment space with the help of an effective strategy that is intrinsically focused on identifying inefficiencies, repositioning assets, and maximizing cash flow. Additionally, the extent to which Crescendo Equity Corporation has grown from a seedling of a business idea into a thriving venture can be credited to his leadership, technical expertise, and in-depth understanding of a highly complex industry. 

It helped, as well, that Mathew Moxness remained steadfast and never gave up despite the dynamic and cutthroat nature of the real estate market. “Having a mentality where you can tackle anything that gets thrown your way is paramount in this business and in being an entrepreneur,” shared the Forbes Councils member. “There is never any option for failure – there’s just the goal and how to figure out how to get there,” he added.

So far, the well-respected figure has a list of achievements under his belt and has built an impressive portfolio. The list includes approximately 500 units and numerous sustainable projects, offering long-term positive operating cash flows in the best real estate markets in Canada. In recognition of his acumen, Mathew Moxness has also graced several platforms, appearing on HGTV, CHCH, and many other notable home channels. 

In the years to come, the Crescendo Equity Corporation CEO is expected to solidify his standing at the forefront of the field even further. On top of standing at the helm of lucrative ventures, he is also set to continue serving as an example for others to follow. 

When asked about one critical learning that he would like new entrants and veteran entrepreneurs to remember, Mathew Moxness revealed, “There’s no time for regrets. Our experiences, whether good or bad, are what help form us into the people that we are today, so there is no sense in dwelling on the past. Instead, only take the positive out that is required to make better decisions and choices in the future. Everything helps prepare you for what’s next.”

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