Mas Sajady and the Power Frequency

What is the power frequency?

This is a wavelength that is reached through expansion where the purest wisdom is acquired. The ability to ascend and transcend vibrates at various levels that allow people to have supernatural abilities.

Tell me more about the wisdom wavelength?

There are vibrations and frequencies you can tune into that will give you insight into the things you need to do and be which is essentially a wisdom wavelength. Some creators call this being in a state of flow and some athletes refer to this as being in the zone.

Some people refer to these insights as downloads from source or answers from a supreme being. How do you feel about that?

I understand why people can resonate with that framing or explanation but what I refer to is more scientifically supported. Although I believe in powers and forces beyond my own, I also believe that we have more power inside of us than anyone has ever permitted you to believe in. The ability to heal ourselves, expand ourselves, and manifest what some might call miracles is all within us.

Why don’t you think more people know these things or accept things?

Most people can’t suspend disbelief and seek out truth with an open mind. Aristotle said, “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” If you want to truly be a truth seeker you must be able to ask questions, listen to the answers and even experiment upon the words. It’s harder than it sounds and yet it’s also quite simple. It’s the Power Frequency Paradox.

You use the word power which turns some people off.  Why do you think that is?

Power has been abused and misused since the dawn of time. Most people using the word “power” use it in the context of control, manipulation, or to make themselves appear better than others but power is nothing more than the ability to make things happen. Some people can make more things happen than others because they are more powerful. I am not looking to use my power to enslave anyone rather I use my power to empower others. The “power” here though refers to how it’s focused, like a laser beam.

When you say it’s like a laser beam, what does that mean?

When people express an idea or opinion, their whole history is behind that idea or opinion. So what we are talking about with power frequency, it’s like wait a second, let’s change the instrument sending out this frequency, that’s why it’s powerful: all that garbage you’re carrying behind you isn’t in the message, it’s just a pure frequency coming down, it’s like a laser beam. If you can do this, you are a pure generator of the power frequency.

How does a person get tuned to this level?

In our experiences are growth opportunities. When we experience love, for example, it feels amazing, we are happy, but then our insecurities come up. The point of this experience is that we can grow and face the issues that are tainting our signal, to fix the issues that our signal has to be filtered through. Otherwise, those flaws become a lens that our signal must filter through. That’s all of the garbage: our personal hang-ups and weakness. When we do the work to resolve these issues and remove the baggage attached to them, then we can become a highly tuned source of the power frequency. Now it’s like going from 3 cylinders to all 12!

Some people are less familiar with some of these terms, like Source. Is that something we can create, or something people tap into?

Source is the mechanism that sends the signal. It’s at the center of your being. A person can create the power frequency by removing all of the different lenses we have so that’s it all source coming through. That’s why we are talking about tuning the person. It’s incredible on a whole other level, but it’s possible and it’s an innate part of your being. 

You do a lot of science and research but how much evidence is there that a power frequency actually exists?

There is already a lot of research underway related to what I call the power frequency. My work is most closely related to the field of quantum neuroscience. This may be misunderstood by some but it’s not a new area of study. Albert Einstein said, “Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies.” Scientists quite often stumble upon truths and hypothesize before they ever have all the evidence. Similarly, it’s not unusual for those people to be persecuted. Sometimes it’s just a limiting belief until someone breaks through. For decades, if not longer, mankind was trying to break the 4-minute mile, with many believing it was literally impossible. Once it was broken and the belief changed it became something that multiple men accomplished. The power frequency is experienced and felt at many levels mentally, physically, and more.

Mas has helped tens of thousands worldwide breakthrough challenging situations in their personal and professional lives so they achieve success and significance in their lives.

Xponential Intelligence® (XI) is a science-based body of knowledge that Mas Sajady discovered after his 2nd near-death experience. XI explains the secrets to success and happiness from a quantum physics perspective. The process removes issues at the core of your being to reach your optimum potentiality and attain rapid & tangible results.

Mas is known as a game-changer throughout the world and one of the best-kept secrets for high-profile individuals. He has worked with business leaders, influencers, medical and healthcare providers, professional athletes, celebrities, the Royal Families in UAE and Monaco, Fortune 500 executives that include Capitol Records, Cardinal Health, Starbucks, Facebook, Fox, CCTV, CIA, Forbes, Microsoft, FedEx, Australia Post, China Petroleum and more. Mas also donates his time to assist schools, hospitals, special need groups, local communities, and people from all walks of life.

Special thanks to David Fagan for his contribution.

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