Lyubov Tsokolo: The Successful Mother and Entrepreneur Empowering Women Worldwide with SUPER MAMA

Lyubov Tsokolo
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The business world is no longer a secret for powerful women; they have established and developed successful brands worldwide, giving women the confidence and inspiration they need to have successful careers. But a career isn’t everything in life, so a woman needs to have a strong and happy family behind her to give her the peace of mind and confidence she needs to develop her ideas. Lyubov Tsokolo has led by example, being one who has managed to find this balance: she is a happy mother, a successful woman in the world of entrepreneurship, a producer and the co-owner of SUPER MAMA Brand. 

Looking at the Super Mama brand magazine collection, it is incredible to see over 500 women on the covers throughout the history of publications. Behind each edition, there is a unique story to tell. Unveiling them individually, you will surely come up with many ideas and plans to expand your vision and strengthen your focus and drive.

“My dream is to unite women around the world. We may all be different and unique, yet like-minded in many ways. It is rewarding to see successful business ladies, celebrities, leading industry experts, art lovers, and super moms come together and share their experiences. Each person forms a part of a jigsaw, and we feel lucky to share this vivid picture with you,” mentions Lyubov.

The SUPER MAMA brand is also famous for its tailored high-class approach to event management. In March 2023, SUPER MAMA announced yet another big-scale project. A glorious event will take place in Dubai, celebrating the community’s achievements with the prestigious SUPER MAMA Awards. What to expect? Undoubtedly, an impressive and spectacular performance! A business forum is followed by an upscale gala dinner, where every guest shines bright like a star. Indeed, when it comes to SUPER MAMA, the brand delivers. The ambiance is always full of joy, enriching ideas, unique networking, and an inspiring vision.

SUPER MAMA is climbing one step at a time to international success like never before. For a complete view of what this brand is all about and what it offers, we recommend checking out Lyubov Tsokolo, the successful mother and entrepreneur,  on her website

Lyubov Tsokolo’s success story is a testament to the fact that women can have thriving careers and happy family life. She has not only built a successful brand but has also created a community of like-minded women who inspire and support each other. Her brand, SUPER MAMA, is not just a magazine or an event management company but a platform that heralds the voices of women and empowers women to achieve their dreams. With her vision and leadership, she has brought together women from all walks of life, celebrating their achievements and creating a vibrant network of successful women. Her story inspires all women who aspire to be entrepreneurs, leaders, and mothers, and she proves that anything is possible with passion, hard work, and dedication.

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