Lagniappe Chauffeured Services, the Industry Leader Known for Luxury Travel Experience

In today’s fast-paced world where almost everyone is overscheduled or busy, more and more people are using chauffeured services for ease of travel. Chauffeured car service companies exist not only to offer luxurious modes of travel but also reliable and safe transportation for private and corporate clients. 

Lagniappe Chauffeured Services, or LCS, has quickly become one of Louisiana’s finest ground transportation businesses by consistently providing world-class services. Bringing to the table years of experience in the industry, the company expertly oversees all aspects of the clients’ transportation, from early planning phases to on-site coordination and quality assurance, making it the first choice for many CEOs as well as entertainment and media elite for exclusive travel. 

At the core of LCS is its mission to deliver world-class executive travel services that combine the art of chauffeuring with luxury, privacy, personalization, and ease. 

Services are available in a wide range of options that suit the different needs of customers. Aside from upscale individuals, LCS also caters to those who wish to experience extravagance on their special days like weddings, debuts, and other memorable celebrations. On-site coordinators work closely with the dispatch and reservations team to ensure a prompt response, absolute accountability, and worry-free service. 

Furthermore, LCS creates unmatched customer service in the transportation industry by utilizing state-of-the-art technology. They provide a breadth of luxury automobile choices ranging from the highest quality sedans to SUVs and vans. The fleet of luxury vehicles comes from the best manufacturers in the world like Cadillac and Mercedes-Benz. In addition, each vehicle is chosen for its exceptional features to ensure safe travel. The cars are also examined and serviced on a regular basis to guarantee that they continue to satisfy the company’s extremely high safety standards. 

To add to LCS’s list of services tailored to customer satisfaction, they maintain a strict code of conduct for their chauffeurs. This includes dressing in formal attire, having a well-groomed professional appearance, and always arriving on time. The chauffeurs are continuously on the lookout for the most direct and hassle-free route to the desired location. They pride themselves on offering speedy service without compromising the clients’ safety. 

But aside from that, what further solidifies LCS’s reputation, is the outstanding leadership and supervision of its founder Robert Daspit. The entrepreneur has gained the trust and respect of many with his commitment to excellence, thus, establishing an exclusive connection with some of the most affluent people in the world and building an extensive network in New Orleans. As a result, he is known as the billionaire chauffeur and a walking Amex Black card.

In running his business, the brilliant entrepreneur follows the motto, “It’s not just about where you are going, but it’s how you arrive.”

With Robert Daspit’s guidance, Lagniappe Chauffeured Services is completely redefining how people should be driven in New Orleans. Taking into consideration safety, reliability, comfort, and elegance, the company makes it easy for the clients to get to their destination on time and in true style. 

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