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Kamozie Raashad Williams Putting Prophetic Productions LLC in the Spotlight as the Chief Operating Officer

Kamozie Raashad Williams has gone from working closely with Neo-Soul singer Prøphęt to serving as Chief Operating Officer for Prophetic Productions LLC. Popularly known as Maax, Kamozie is a keyboardist, music producer and businessman, widely recognized as the global pianist for Prøphęt. He has juggled his musical roles with his administrative roles and excelled at both, helping Prophetic Productions LLC steer its operations to success.

Maax’s journey into the music business started in 2019 when Prøphęt asked him to get on the musical journey with him. As partners, they jointly worked on a single titled “Woke,” which they released on June 1, 2020. The single amassed over 50,000 streams within two months, after which Maax started working on an EP for Prøphęt. In February 2021, the EP, fully produced by Maax, was released to critical acclaim. The EP addresses topics bordering around black historical knowledge and unity in the music industry.

With Prøphęt’s music career gaining a firm foundation in the industry, Maax has turned his attention to business. He co-founded Prophetic Productions LLC with Prøphęt in 2021, and together, they have run the production outfit to great success over the last few months. Kamozie Williams has proven to the world that he and his best friend, Isaiah Howard, a.k.a. Prøphęt, are the perfect team capable of building iconic things and creating music capable of shaking up the world.

As an expert keyboardist himself, he works hard to make sure the music sounds right each time he has to work on it. His gift as a musician is beyond words, he has his unique flow and style, and many have described Kamozie’s music as one that can take anyone to a place of peace, forgetting the world’s troubles. According to him, it’s one of the gifts he’s grateful to have. Kamozie Raashad Williams is open to working with anybody, and in his words, “My main focus is to share my success with anyone willing to be in the same place or higher. I don’t discriminate against anyone or anything. But I will say, I would like to see more millennials being successful at a young age. I say that because I believe it is better to start now so that potential early retirement may come into play with multiple forms of income. We as millennials have bright ideas and brains scattered with ideas that shouldn’t be put to the side.”

Maax has never seen anyone as competition as he believes no one should bear the burden of chasing their dreams while monitoring others. “Focusing more on your competition will not only put fear in you but also makes you lose focus of your purpose and destiny. Hence, for my success, I have focused on the betterment of myself and the people that surround me, who have aided in my success to help others,” he said.

Kamozie Raashad Williams is laser-focused on bringing all of Isaiah Howard’s dreams to life and help take his career to the peak he dreams of. Over the next five years, he also sees himself becoming a multimillionaire and being able to inspire people on a large scale globally. Being the community builder he is, he hopes to someday bring people up, give back to the community, create a new crop of millionaires, and build Prophetic Productions to become the number 1 production in the United States.

Learn more about Kamozie Raashad Williams on his official Facebook page.

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