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Innovative Sustainable Architecture: The Journey of Project Green Vista

Innovative Sustainable Architecture: The Journey of Project Green Vista
Photo Credited to: Project Green Vista

Foxland, Inc., a real estate development company known for its rich history and outstanding reputation, recently announced the launch of its most ambitious architectural design project to date – Project Green Vista – at 1850 N Riverside Ave in Rialto, California. This initiative aims to completely redesign and transform a commercial property into a model of innovative design, new materials, and eco-friendly systems, marking a significant advancement in the company’s foray into sustainable construction.

Established in 1975 by Henry Ran and Herbert Hawkins, Foxland, Inc., formerly Foxland Real Estate, has been providing exceptional property development and sales services in Los Angeles, Pasadena, Orange County, and San Francisco. Foxland, Inc. specializes in guiding clients through the complex processes of buying, selling, and developing properties, offering solutions that exceed expectations in the ever-evolving real estate market. In light of growing climate change awareness, the company is committed to embedding eco-friendly principles in its upcoming architectural endeavors. This will involve the utilization of sustainable materials and methods to reduce environmental impact, steering the industry towards a more environmentally responsible and sustainable path.

With the advancement of society and the significant rise in living standards, the building industry is increasingly expected to evolve and innovate. In response, the use of eco-friendly materials and the adoption of new technologies in architectural design have become essential for driving the industry’s progress. Foxland, Inc.’s Project Green Vista exemplifies this shift, setting a precedent as an archetype of innovation, environmental sustainability, and efficiency in architectural practices. 

Project Green Vista is proactively aligned with global movements towards energy conservation and environmental protection. The project is designed to tackle pressing challenges such as the climate crisis, swift urban growth, increasing population density, and the scarcity of housing.

The project is dedicated to enhancing environmental sustainability in architecture through the use of pioneering design and materials, coupled with effective recycling practices. This commitment is focused on ensuring that both design and material selection are eco-friendly, providing tangible, efficient, and long-lasting solutions. The project plans to employ sustainable materials such as aerated concrete blocks and ecological cement, aiming to minimize construction waste and reliance on conventional mineral resources. This approach is intended to significantly lower environmental pollution. 

Another notable aspect of Project Green Vista is its employment of innovative construction materials. These materials stand out for their high strength, low density, and visual appeal, while also excelling in terms of durability, sound insulation, and lighting quality. The use of innovative thermal insulation materials in buildings boosts energy efficiency, lessening dependence on conventional energy sources. Additionally, these materials are in harmony with contemporary design standards, catering to the aesthetic preferences of various demographics.

Project Green Vista showcases its commitment to the environment through efficient resource recycling. The project plans to utilize eco-friendly cement, which is produced using recycled construction materials and volcanic ash, thereby diminishing the need for new resources. Moreover, by incorporating coal ash and other solid waste into the raw materials for new construction products, the project aims to decrease both building waste and production expenses.

Project Green Vista is set to transform a major commercial property over a three-year period, with a focus on state-of-the-art architectural design, the employment of cutting-edge materials, and the incorporation of eco-conscious systems. The project seeks to create designs that are both visually appealing and functional, in line with contemporary trends and client needs. Emphasizing the use of sustainable materials and integrating efficient energy systems, it aims to lessen both the ecological impact and operational costs. This initiative not only reflects Foxland, Inc.’s dedication to sustainable growth but also establishes a benchmark in eco-friendly innovation within the construction sector. Through these efforts, the project will enhance the buildings’ value and appeal while simultaneously reducing their environmental footprint, pointing the way forward for the future of architectural development.

Foxland, Inc. is thrilled to announce Qi (Krystin) Che as the lead architectural designer for their prestigious Project Green Vista. Krystin, a University of Pennsylvania alumna with a master’s degree in advanced architectural design, brings a wealth of experience from her roles at esteemed firms such as Gensler in Chicago and Aedas in Shenzhen, China. Her notable contributions to landmark projects like the award-winning Avon Lake Master Plan and her innovative work on Roosevelt Square in Chicago underscore her exceptional talent in architecture and urban design.

As a LEED Green Associate, Krystin is known for her deep understanding of sustainable design principles, a skill she will apply to Foxland, Inc.’s Project Green Vista. Her expertise in creating inclusive urban environments is particularly valuable for this project, which focuses on eco-friendly and efficient architectural solutions.

Krystin’s prominent role in eco-friendly architecture was exemplified in the Avon Lake Master Plan by Gensler, honored as a Jury Winner in the A+Awards (US). Her involvement in this project, which transformed Avon Lake, Ohio, with the closure of a coal-fired

generating plant, involved overseeing demolition and environmental remediation, setting a precedent for sustainable urban renewal. This experience aligns perfectly with the ethos of Project Green Vista, where Krystin will play a crucial role in implementing innovative design strategies and sustainable practices to revitalize commercial property while minimizing environmental impact and enhancing urban spaces. Her addition to the team signals a significant step forward for Foxland, Inc., as they set new benchmarks in sustainable development and technological innovation in the building industry.

Innovative Sustainable Architecture: The Journey of Project Green Vista
Photo Credited to: Project Green Vista

By undertaking these groundbreaking projects, Foxland, Inc. solidifies its role as a frontrunner in the real estate sector, underscoring its dedication to environmental conservation and sustainable growth. Project Green Vista is anticipated to mark a pivotal point in the company’s trajectory, establishing a fresh benchmark for sustainable and technological advancements in the construction field.


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