Giorgia Mondani: Revolutionising the Watch World with Instagram

Wristwatches are centuries old, but they have remained a priceless piece of fashion, relevance and style for many years. Oftentimes, you can predict a person’s class by the kind of wristwatch they wear. And when it comes to wristwatches, no one knows them better than Giorgia Mondani; well, maybe except her father- Guido Mondani. In an industry dominated by men, Giorgia has carved a niche for herself and is leading a new path that combines the legacies and richness of the past with the buzzing technology of the present.

The Mondani brand has been a trusted name in the wristwatch circle for more than 40 years – Guido and Franca Mondani were the first ones to write books about luxury watches, the Mondani Books  are best sellers in this field – But the journey for Giorgia in the watch industry began more than 20 years ago. Now 36, it is her effective application of social media like Instagram that has transformed their business in no small measure. On her Instagram page, @GiorgiaMondani, there are about 240,000 followers, comprising a strong network of wristwatch entrepreneurs, avid watch lovers and fans. This is a huge market that respects her proven knowledge and opinion about the watch business.

From every brand of Rolex you can think of and the intriguing beauty of Patek Philippe to Audemars Piguet, her knowledge of the art, craft, value and salesmanship of these brands transcends the surface. It comes from a deep passion and love for what she does. Their website, MondaniWeb– which she runs- has a whole lot of resources for people across the world seeking the best brands and deals. However, it is her aggressive use of social media that has proven to be the game changer for her and her clients.

There are so many services Giorgia Mondani offers on Instagram.

Advertising: With @GiorgiaMondani, dealers and watchmakers are able to advertise their brands for the world to see. This is quite unconventional in the watch space. Before now, all they had were conventional media ads and brands promotions on their websites. With Mondani’s huge followership, there is great opportunity for increased sales and patronage.

Networking: It is one thing to need a particular model or brand, and yet another thing to know where to find it. Giorgia’s Instagram page provides a platform for sellers and potential buyers to meet and discuss business trends, releases, prices and other rudiments of the watch industry.

Knowledge/Updates: This is, perhaps, one of the most important aspects of that buzzing Instagram Page. You can’t deny the power of information when it comes to wristwatches. You’ll often find collectors, potential collectors and enthusiasts flocking her page for the latest watch complication, design, technology or releases. You too can be the first to know by just following her page.

Also, a Trusted Dealers link is provided for those interested in meeting up with verified dealers for any kind of wristwatch they desire. All of these combine to revolutionize social media for business as we know it.

Next to her use of social media is Mondani Books, where she is a celebrated author. Giorgia Mondani has her life’s work cut out for her; when she’s not reaching out to numerous followers and teaching them all they need to know about wristwatches, she’s inspiring the world with bestsellers on timeless timepieces. The Rolex Encyclopedia is a great example of one of such books. But when she’s not doing any of these, you’ll find her having a great time with her husband, Daniele and their lovely kids.

Giorgia Mondani has nothing more to prove. She has not only succeeded in an industry that men struggle to find a footing; she is today ranked among the leading leaders in the global wristwatch industry- that is a real feat!

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