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From an airforce officer to a globetrotter!

Raised in the suburbs of Omaha, Nebraska, Adam Vaughan spent his early years playing baseball and soccer with his friends. He even imitated warfare in the bushes and creeks near his house. Listening to stories of Ireland and watching Television and movies, Adam was somehow exposed to the far lands in the world. Travelling was not the point of interest in his life until one day he made a trip to “Des Moines, Iowa to Adventureland or Kansas City, Missouri to worlds of fun.” As an 11 years old boy, Adam was quite fascinated by the stories and myths surrounding countries like Germany, Japan, and Thailand. After joining the airforce in 1998, Adam was exposed to the world of travel, leading him to develop the urge to explore the culture, history, and many countries he had only heard the stories about.

The World Through The Eyes Of Adam Vaughan 

Through his experiences, adam realized how vast and diverse the world really was. His exposure to global inequality drove him to pour his attention into investing his time in the global community. For Adam, it was a captious experience and made him travel and explore all the world had to offer and adapt to the different cultures and lifestyles. Being an Air Force officer, Adam was allowed to travel to compelling and variegated parts of the world. He traveled to places he had never thought of traversing, like Sri Lanka, Germany, Malaysia, Singapore, and Ireland. Vaughan states, “throughout all my deployments to the worst areas in the world. I grew an appreciation for those who had far less, those who were affected, and those who had nothing compared to what we had.” Adam developed a subtle relationship with the global community through his experiences in parts of the world that he had not previously understood. Vaughan states that he would never opt for a career that doesn’t have travel as an integral part.

Adam’s Career With Meta 

Adam retired from the Air Force and joined Meta, where he now works to manage Global operations. He is focused on building a brand centered around travel and exploration. He has millions of followers on Instagram. He shares the routine updates of his travel experiences to create a visual journal of his voyages to let his followers get a taste of traveling around the world. On his Instagram, his bio is written as “Citizen of the world.” He hopes to inspire more people to travel as much as possible to discover the world far from their land and explore assorted cultures and lifestyles globally through his travel vlogs.  

Ambassador For The Travel Industry

Vaughan has set some plans to launch a briefed travel blog where he can share his travel experiences, offer travel recommendations, and pastor content related to travel. He visualizes himself becoming an advocate and an ambassador for the travel industry. His travel experiences in different parts of the world allowed him to believe that fundamental human rights and basic civil liberties should be guaranteed to everyone regardless of gender, age, or sexual orientation. Adam is keen to do something that can make a significant difference and positively impact the world. 

The Adam’s List Of Favorite Places

  • London, for Adam, is his second home. Because of his job, he frequently travels to London, admiring the city and everything it offers. 
  • About Prague, Adam believes it is the most staggering city in Europe and has some fantastic Gothic Style architecture. 
  • Adam recently spent a month in Barcelona and loved the stunning architecture, lively nightlife, sandy beaches, and world-class cuisine. 
  • Adam’s ancestors came to the United States from Ireland, so the City of Galway is one f Vaughan’s favorite places to visit. 
  • The people and culture of Tokyo have always won over Adam’s affection for Tokyo. 

Adam’s Admiration

Anthony Bourdain played a vital role in encouraging Vaughan to develop a passion for adventure travel and new explorations. Adam draws motivation and ideas from various sources, including Anthony, Gordon Ramsay, Banksy, Vincent Van Gogh, and Elon Musk.

Experience Of A Lifetime

Vaughan’s 24 years of travel experience around the world has given him a wealth of knowledge about diverse cultures, attaining an in-depth awareness of the world. His career has benefited him to travel from every worst and best country in the world. During his days in the Air Force missions, he came across people of different cultures and social statuses. Working at Meta as a Global Operations manager has allowed him to travel frequently around the world to consort with the team members on various projects. As an Air Force officer, Vaughan learned that he has an infinite hunger to travel the world and get exposure to new cultures and lifestyles. At Meta, he learned that he wants to share the passion of traveling with the world. 

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