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Founder Of Subscribe PR Is Helping Businesses Grow By Establishing Authority

With his firm, Subscribe PR, Caleb Hellinger is enabling businesses to amplify and enhance their optics all while optimizing their marketing efforts.

Trust is crucial to the growth of any business. To prosper, businesses must build trust with potential customers.  To build this trust with their prospective clients, companies hire public relations professionals. Public relations is a marketing strategy that boosts brand credibility. This also assists businesses in developing an online presence across multiple platforms, such as social media, earned media, paid media, and so on. More media exposure means more people are aware of a company, which directly translates into profits. Caleb Hellinger is aiding businesses to build trust and attract the attention they deserve with his firm, Subscribe PR. 

Subscribe PR

Caleb started his career in the Seattle area as a salesman and marketer for various startups in the SaaS and e-commerce industries in the Seattle area. He has always had a strong desire to assist people and brands in reaching their full potential. Caleb provided unprecedented outcomes for his clients and assisted businesses in increasing revenue through digital marketing. However, every time he launched a new campaign, he encountered the same issue: his clients lacked authority in their target market, making it difficult for businesses to build trust with their prospects. 

To address the problem at its source, Caleb relocated to Phoenix about three years ago and founded Subscribe PR. Under Subscribe PR, Caleb has been able to transform traditional campaigns where clients invested thousands of dollars on subpar ads and unqualified leads to uncertain social media platforms. Since Caleb knew most social media users log in at least once per day, if not multiple times per day, he helped brands leverage these platforms by using the opportunity to connect with them each time they log in. 

Subscribe PR has a guarantee to publish features to the media with millions of eyeballs. They provide creative and effective follow-up from the article to make the most of the exposure, sharing it with their network, implementing email campaigns, and an “as seen on” social media strategy. Caleb is focused on assisting his clients in distinguishing themselves from the competition and cornering the market. 

Goals For The Future

Subscribe PR is a full-service public relations firm. They track results, and advise clients on how to take advantage of the feature. Their top priority is to create viral stories, provide guaranteed publishing, and track the campaign’s ROI. Caleb’s goal for Subscribe PR is to assist at least 20 businesses in tripling their revenue and engagement by the end of the year. He also expects his clients to report a 2-5x increase in sales after the features are properly integrated into the marketing and sales processes.

With Subscribe PR, it is Caleb’s desire to assist others. Caleb believes that the ability to continuously and proficiently yield results is the main factor in his success. The fact that he can produce results for the brands and businesses speaks volumes and he will continue to do so in many upcoming years.

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