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Fabiola Barinas and Alan Rodriguez Share Their Success Story through Empowering Others

More people face health problems due to their poor decisions and inactive lifestyles. The rise of online health trainers shows an increased demand for better lifestyle training and coaching among the masses. While many trainers offer a change in the body, only a handful offer a change in mindset and life, and this is exactly what Fabiola and Alan offer.

Fabiola Barinas and Alan Rodriguez are known to people in the world of fitness and lifestyle as the Unstoppable FitCouple. They are expert coaches who teach about health and mindset. As coaches, they seek to be a force that empowers people to reach the life they have always wanted. 

Throughout the years, the duo has built a credible reputation through their successful partnerships with people who longed for a significant change in their lives. In addition, they have made a solid track record of proven and tested programs that bring lasting results for thousands of their students and coaching clients.

However, Fabiola and Alan did not achieve success overnight. Being immigrants to the United States who first wanted to be actors, they experienced the lowest point of their lives together. Yet, despite the odds, the unstoppable pair ventured into a business opportunity. Years after, they are now the top performers continuing to advocate for changing lives through health and mindset.

“We always say you can do anything, because it is true if you work hard and never give up,” shared the couple. “We want the people we work with to never give up. That’s why the two of us have come so far. It’s because we chose to put the effort in, and I am so proud of what we have accomplished.” However, for Fabiola and Alan, the “Unstoppable” Movement doesn’t just refer to their team and followers. They hope that this community will become a culture that inspires more people to go after their fitness dreams and more. 

With enormous effort, discipline, and strategy, the unstoppable couple became part of the top one percent of the company they joined, Herbalife, in just two years. As they pursued the path of health and mindset coaching, they saw more lives being changed through their program. One client shares how the Unstoppable FitCouple’s fitness programs were able to do more than change their eating habits and made significant changes to her lifestyle and mindset as a whole. 

The duo continues to get life-changing testimonials from more members of their community. “In October of 2015, I decided to start with Fabiola and Alan because I was tired of watching myself go up and down in sizes and since then, all I can tell you is I love this community,” shares Ana, one of their clients. “I love the new me, I love the energy, I love the people I have gotten to meet, and I love my lifestyle! Yes, lifestyle, because this is not a diet or a new fad.” 

Barinas and Rodriquez are the epitome of collaborative power that does not intimidate but encourages people to believe in themselves and pursue a renewed healthy lifestyle and the right mindset. Together, they serve as an inspiration for every individual who desires to experience not just a healthier life but also a more meaningful life through a positive perspective. 

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