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Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist Anthony Lacavera on Why It Is Crucial for the Business Sector to Focus on the Future of Innovation and Technology

While most people assume that success can be achieved alone, this is simply not the case, especially in the business world where collaboration and partnership are necessary to build strong and thriving enterprises. One such remarkable individual who focuses on championing a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem is Anthony Lacavera.

He is a venture capitalist and entrepreneur in a range of industries, from telecommunications to software, who has dedicated his expertise to helping fellow entrepreneurs prosper. 

Lacavera is the mind behind Globalive. 

Founded in 1998, the company was created to compete in the Canadian telecom industry and founded and operated brands including WIND Mobile (now known as Freedom Mobile), Yak Communications, OneConnect, and Enunciate. Globalive also founded and operated Interclear, which serviced global carriers with alternative billing solutions. 

Today Globalive Capital is a firm that invests in and helps build companies led by driven entrepreneurs who are committed to revolutionizing and developing technology. In doing so, the company effectively promotes innovation that will transform and change industries. 

Globalive has launched and invested in over 125 businesses and counting. Investments include Stackadapt, Zoocasa and Xanado. Globalive has raised over USD $1.5 billion in capital for their businesses.

The connection between telecommunications and innovation is one that this entrepreneur is passionate about. Lacavera explains, “Ultra-fast networks being built on 5G technology are the future — they are making things like remote education, connected healthcare, autonomous vehicles reality, and the metaverse a reality.”  

Ever the visionary, Lacavera continues to seek more trailblazing ideas and enterprising individuals who share a similar passion for innovation. Moreover, he brings his decades of experience and vast knowledge in global markets to the table, which allowed him to develop a bold and exceptional approach to business.

In doing so, not only does he excellently scale his portfolio, but more importantly, the inspiring innovator empowers the next generation of founders and industry leaders to become fearless in their quest for fresh ideas and new concepts.

When asked to give a piece of advice to aspiring business owners, he shared, “Resilience is a key principle for all entrepreneurs to have to be successful and continue in the long run.” He added that, like him, “There are successful entrepreneurs and founders who are out there willing to give back and solve societal problems.”

Aside from his business acumen, Anthony Lacavera recognizes that cultivating a healthy entrepreneurial environment also means looking out for everyday people. After all, there will be no business if there are no consumers. Because of this, he is driven to make the mobile industry more competitive. This, in effect, reduces prices and increases service, ultimately benefiting everyday citizens.

Lacavera has shared his vision and expertise in the field as an author. He wrote How We Can Win: And What Happens to Us and Our Country If We Don’t, a book that challenges the status quo of the Canadian entrepreneurial scene. The piece poses a much-needed challenge to the community to let go of the traditional and backward-looking conventions often seen in Canada’s business culture.

Moving forward, Anthony Lacavera remains steadfast in his mission of pushing the boundaries of entrepreneurship. As such, he continues to widen his reach and connect with more individuals or organizations interested in startups, technology, and telecommunications, as well as founders and entrepreneurs looking for investments.

In doing so, the venture capitalist intends to disrupt the outdated entrepreneurial ecosystem and usher in a new wave of progressive practices rooted in innovation and technology.

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