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Ed Stulak on Wielding the Power of Today’s Technology to Ace the Real Estate Game

The real estate industry remains one of the hardest sectors to dominate and thrive in, considering the long list of challenges that continue to confront all players involved, from real estate agents and lenders to investors. Apart from unrealistic sellers and demanding buyers, there’s also the issue of high lead costs and the growing digitization of the field. To overcome all of these odds and navigate the complex waters of the real estate scene, anyone wishing to find success must not only master the basics but must also get on recent advancements. With the heights he’s reached so far, Ed Stulak, a widely accomplished entrepreneur and real estate agent, demonstrates the power of today’s technology when wielded strategically.

A go-getter with a solid portfolio attached to his name, Ed Stulak has been making bold moves as a licensed real estate agent in New Jersey for seven years now. Shortly after first dipping his toes in the industry, he managed to rack up a massive following across his social media accounts and appear on Million Dollar Listing New York and Good Morning LaLa Land, as well as grace REALTOR Magazine, On Mogul, and Future Sharks, to name a few. 

The well-respected personality recently hogged the spotlight when he leased out a 180-unit listing at Somerville Parc, which he acquired by capitalizing on his reach and utilizing social media. Given the premium living experience that Somerville Parc provides, getting one’s hands on this caliber of a project is nowhere near easy, but Ed Stulak bagged it with the help of the reputation attached to his brand and through the use of proven social media strategies.

“Being out there and active on Instagram is how I was able to acquire Somerville Parc,” shared Ed Stulak, who is also the mind behind IGRE Coaching, an online training program that takes under its wings real estate professionals aiming to generate more leads and exposure through the use of online-based platforms like Instagram.

For years, Ed Stulak has banked on social media and digital tools to gain traction in the industry. His acquisition of Somerville Parc is a clear showcase of the value modern real estate approaches have to offer.

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