Consciousness Changemaker Kristen Connell Develops The Rewired Mind Method (TRM)

International best-selling author and global keynote speaker Kristen Connell is helping people unlock and tap into their full personal potential by utilizing her powerful mindset upgrades, implementing and embracing the power of positive choice and everlasting change. She is the founder of the Rewired Mind Method (TRM), a science-based approach that taps into the brain’s capability for neuroplasticity to reconsolidate and rewire long-term memories that may be a deterrent to success. 

Kristen helps people improve their physical and mental performance. Among those she helped was Anthony, who was able to remove his glasses after his sessions to address a car crash that had caused him physical and emotional stress. The sessions are a quick way to optimize each person’s personal and professional capacity by efficiently accessing all layers of consciousness and awareness. 

Kristen’s passion for rewiring the mind began as a personal journey as she engaged in research to help her own children heal after they went through complicated physical and mental health issues due to exposure to neurotoxic mold in their home. Her search for answers brought her to bring together an entire field of all the modalities of well-being into every client experience so they can enjoy the results quickly and with ease. 

The Rewired Mind Method is considered a revolutionary process that leverages the life-changing power of neuroscience to guide the brain toward rewiring and recoding its unproductive mindset pathways and patterns. Each session addresses worrisome emotions that many people spend a lot of time trying to get rid of. 

The sessions specifically target mental and physical limitations, negative beliefs, behaviors, and emotions affecting health, wealth, and relationships, as well as fears, stress, and anxiety. Kristen does one-on-one coaching, recorded sessions, and large group meetings. 

When asked what her targets are in the near future, Kristen has this to say: “To know that the power of choice and change are the drivers to create a new life story. The thoughts, language, and actions will need to all be in sync or synergy of this choice, so they are aligned to have the best life experience even in the face of adversity.”

The Rewired Mind Method is highly recommended for people who want to neutralize their traumas and negative emotions from the past, present, and even the future to enjoy a life of satisfaction, clarity and mental freedom.

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