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Alec Farwell: Championing Truth in the Digital Age with Delvit

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Alec Farwell, CEO of Delvit, is not just another hi-tech visionary. Instead, he is a pioneer driven to follow what he believes to be a divine calling to expose misinformation in the digital age by leveraging blockchain technology. His journey, which ultimately culminated in transforming the landscape of alternative media sources, tells a story of relentless innovation and a quest for truth.

The Genesis of an Innovator

Farwell’s entrepreneurial journey began with The Review Agency, marking his entry into the world of software with the creation of the first-ever review management platform. This early success laid the groundwork for his understanding of digital platforms and their potential impact. His subsequent experiences in B2B sales and capital raising for pre-IPOs and private placements further honed his business acumen, preparing him for the challenges of leading a cutting-edge technology company.

Delvit: A New Paradigm in Information Verification

The birth of Delvit represents Farwell’s response to the escalating issue of misinformation in the digital age. By decentralizing information, Delvit aims to give people control over data flow and access to unfiltered truth. In an era where the truth is often obscured by a deluge of data, Delvit emerges as a blockchain-based forum dedicated to sorting out and distinguishing the truth from the smoke and mirrors.

Delvit’s unique approach to handling information sets it apart in the alternative media landscape. By harnessing the decentralization and security features of blockchain, Delvit is a platform where information is not only shared but also verified and authenticated, making it a reliable source for users seeking unfiltered and accurate content.


Marketing and digital manipulation have the power to influence public opinion and render individuals vulnerable to the agendas of large corporations. Delvit breaks away from the narratives presented by brands and influential figures, redirecting attention to the authentic perspectives of the people.

Delvit stands out as an innovative gamified discovery platform crafted to introduce users to diverse perspectives, even those they may not initially agree with. It actively promotes the challenge and attempted disproof of presented content. The platform maintains a commitment to absolute transparency in its moderation processes, placing the responsibility in the hands of individuals chosen through community voting.

Overcoming Challenges

Yet realizing his mission required navigating numerous challenges. The COVID-19 pandemic and political unrest led to a period of deep reflection and a renewed focus on adding value to society. This period also birthed Delvit’s additional values: truth, transparency, and the democratization of information.

Farwell’s skepticism and pessimism about the current trajectory of the misinformation align with these values. He advocates for the responsible use of technology, not for speculative gains but for building tools that fight centralization and misinformation.

Future Aspirations

In the coming years, Farwell envisions Delvit evolving into a trusted source for verifiable information, breaking down the barriers of misinformation, and fostering a community where truth prevails. His dream is to see Delvit not just as a platform but as a movement that redefines the information paradigm in our digital society.

As for now, through Delvit, Alec Farwell is not only addressing the challenges of misinformation but also paving the way for a future where the truth is accessible, verifiable, and valued.


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