Aditya Raj Singh and His Journey to Becoming a Pioneering Indian Entrepreneur

Becoming an entrepreneur is something that most of us dream of, but actually achieving this dream is something that is fulfilled by imbibing determination, zest, and of course the will to face the challenges head-on! Where some people move gradually, spending decades of their lives perfecting the art, others move swiftly through this process stumbling into success in a short period of time.


Aditya Raj Singh has proved it to be the latter with his steadfast entrepreneurial stride. Aditya is a force to reckon with when it comes to online marketing and has gained much popularity since his debut in the industry. He is the founder of BNCW Media, a global media/news company, headquartered in New Delhi, India.


Aditya’s story of becoming a leading software expert and entrepreneur started when he was 16 years old, and decided to drop out of high school and focus on honing his web technology skills. Initially, he started by making YouTube tutorials, which became highly acclaimed within a year leading him to monetize them. Soon after, Aditya started collaborating with content creators, editing videos for them which brought in great ROIs for his creativity which ultimately led to him landing website development projects. After such success, there was of course no looking back for him. Aditya decided that in order to offer a vast range of quality services to his clients he needed to acquire more skills and started learning PHP, CSS, JavaScript along with doing a remote part-time job in a New York City company. 


After laying a perfect foundation for his career, Aditya began his entrepreneurial journey with the establishment of BNCW Media, an umbrella company known for its unique offerings in marketing technology. The first venture under BNCW Media was Stallion Cognitive, a financial marketing agency. The combination of his thorough studies and a mindset to make his idea work resulted in the inevitable success of Stallion Cognitive. Having had a massive influx of clients, soon Aditya decided to spread his horizons and try his hand in website development. To bring his passion to life, Aditya founded another firm named Acrux Cloud that gained popularity for its website VPS hosting service. He even started Namaste Finance, a financial blog that aimed at educating Indian people about financial planning and building wealth.


When asked about his future plans, Aditya revealed to the audience that presently he is validating his ideas to work on and create a software as a service (SaaS) which has been his goal for a very long time. And witnessing the successes of his previous ventures, it can be said that this new idea will also add to his list of achievements and contribute to his new found glory. 


Every successful startup is a culmination of a hardworking team, loyalty to the customers, and offering unique, true to its value products. Entrepreneurship can mean many things, but ultimately, it’s about paving your own path. Aditya, without a doubt, created a path for himself and made sure to imbibe the aforementioned three important factors in his journey, which ultimately resulted in him becoming a pioneering entrepreneur, ready to take on the world. 


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