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#1 Female Mindset Coach And Speaker, Natasha Graziano, Keynotes Life-Changing Global Energy Healing Summit With Tony Robbins

Have you been telling yourself that this will be the year that everything changes for the better? That you will do what it takes to achieve optimal health, heal past trauma, and find success in life and business because you are worthy of having it all? 

Call it luck or divine synchronicity; you have just been aligned with the event that will create the platform for you to achieve all of these goals and more. 

Natasha Graziano, #1 Female Mindset Coach, Speaker, and Author wants to help support the vision you have for yourself, and is joining forces with Tony Robbins, Dave Meltzer, Marie Diamond, Tom McCarthy, Dr. Joe Vitale (from the book The Secret) and dozens of other industry experts sharing their most powerful insights at the 2022 Global Energy Healing Summit

This 8 day virtual event happening March 15–March 22 is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to not only get to learn about Graziano’s groundbreaking MBS method but also hear what 50+ doctors, researchers, and New York Times bestselling authors have to share about how to harness the power of energy to achieve health, wealth, and harmony in your life.

Incredibly, the event is free to sign up for, which makes this unique opportunity a can’t-miss event. 

Natasha Graziano is obsessed with helping people all over the world live to their highest potential by, as she describes on her Instagram, “re-writing stories of lack, uncertainty, misery, and pain,” and transforming them into a “narrative based on love, power, resilience, strength, and abundance.” Her knowledge has gained over 1 billion views, and her programs have helped over 2 million people transform their lives, making her one of the most respected names in her field internationally. The Global Energy Healing Summit perfectly syncs with Graziano’s mission to heal and uplift the world and is made exponentially more powerful by partnering with so many other leaders holding the same vision.

On the Global Energy Healing Summit stage, Graziano will share the keys to getting “unstuck,” releasing self-limiting beliefs, and unlocking the infinite power within you by using her MBS or Meditational Behavioural Synchronicity Method. 

Through a live demonstration, Graziano will take you through the same techniques and meditation that transformed her life when she was at rock bottom. Going from homeless, broke, and experiencing severe illness to living in her purpose, speaking on stages worldwide, and helping millions heal through her story and MBS technique. Rooted in neuroscience, the ancient breathing techniques and meditation in altered states of consciousness that comprise MBS helps to heal trauma, energy blockages, limiting beliefs, self-esteem issues. Doctors and clinical professionals worldwide utilize the MBS Method as a valuable tool in their practices to ease physical symptoms by first addressing a client’s inner state using her novel approach. Graziano’s countless testimonials rave about the beneficial effects of MBS, ranging from transcending negative emotions, triumphing over imposter syndrome, attracting a dream partner, and learning how to magnetize financial abundance. One grateful client even states on her website, “I always heard that she could do three hours of therapy in 15 minutes. I can now swear by this, Natasha is truly a gift to this world!” 

Sharing the virtual stage with Natasha is a collection of the world’s most expert energy healers. From Tony Robbins and Tom McCarthy, sharing breakthroughs in health and wellness, to Dr. Bradley Nelson and Dr. Joe Vitale from the book The Secret, imparting vital tools to release emotions and change our realities from the inside out. These leaders each have their niche but are all passionate about one thing—teaching people worldwide the tools and techniques to harness their own energy to heal themselves and others. This event is a grand assembly of thought leaders who have dedicated their lives to developing extraordinary techniques for life-changing transformation and a chance for those ready for the next level to dive in headfirst.

For those looking to jumpstart their growth starting now, Graziano provides ample opportunities and ways to connect with her online. Prioritizing accessibility for everyone to wanting to tap into their personal power, her programs are ultra-affordable, and many of them even free of charge. Additionally, On Graziano’s top podcast, The Law of Attraction, each episode allows for growth while on the go, accessing her mini-masterclasses on how to master your mindset, manifest your desires, and redefine your reality is as simple as just pressing play. 

To experience the expansive growth you are worthy of this year, register now for the free Global Energy Healing Summit, and visit for a deep dive into her MBS Method.

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