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Bringing To Light The Life Of Those Who Are Unknown To The General Public

Mirage in the Mirror
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The lives of those who live lavishly differ entirely from those of an average person. Though they have all the money they could have in their life and continue to make connections, they are not as happy as they might seem. “Mirage in the Mirror” by Michael N. Hollister brings to the surface the life of the New England elites.

The New England elites comprise The Armstrongs, Caitlin Mayfair and Carol Simeone, Tom and Libby Houston, and Brad Goguen and Rick Tavares, all of whom live comfortably but are distorted in their own lives. Mirage in the Mirror talks about their lives from the perspectives they have to face. The tragedies that they have seen in life and the cruelty that they must live through every single day. 

Each of these elites has seen pain, and they continuously resort to some escape in order to fill their undying desires of feeling whole again. The need for love, acknowledgment, peace, and simplistic joy is all they crave, yet the indifferences they find in their own relationships hinder the existing thought of such feelings.

For many people, happiness might just be around the corner, and all they have to do is indulge. For some, it is a chase and a war between the masses to survive. This is the life of the New England elites, from not being able to meet your own husband and son, to being blackmailed for being promiscuous, the list goes on. Dive into the interesting yet pitiful read with Mirage in the Mirror by Michael N. Hollister. 

Even though the plot might seem a little sad, and you might be hesitant to get your own copies, be fairly warned this book is still an excellent read. The author’s writing style and his precise descriptions of every character help the reader immerse themselves in the plot and continue until they have not reached the end. Every other chapter helps each character develop further, and every mask that they have ever worn is revealed. 

Mirage in the Mirror is a scorching new novel that reveals the tempestuous scandals behind the velvet rope of the elite. Think today’s societal crisis does not touch the status quo? Think again! The masks will eventually fall. Brace yourself for what happens next. 

“People ask me why I wrote a novel that involves greed, murder, revenge, drugs, prostitution, infidelity, and high fashion. I tell them I wanted to write about what I knew best.”

About The Author 

The author, Michael N. Hollister, lives in Boston, Massachusetts. He has worked in human services in many capacities, including as a teacher in a school for autism, as a disabled adults group home program director, and as a detox case manager. He holds degrees and certifications in Sociology, Communications, and substance abuse counseling. Michael is a practicing Buddhist and a member of Alcoholics Anonymous with 16 years of sobriety. 

Contact Information 

(Appropriate Contact Information) If you wish to reach Mr. Micheal N. Hollister, you can reach out to his publicist Harvey West. 

Mirage in the Mirror is out now on Amazon and available in appropriate online locations. Make sure you get your copies of this beautifully woven piece of literature and immerse yourself in a book that is truly worth the read.

Book Name: 

Mirage in the Mirror 

Author Name:   Michael Hollister

ISBN Number: 978-1915919588

Hardcover Version: 


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