A Peer into the Human Behind the Mask with Author Carly Reed
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A Peer into the Human Behind the Mask with Author Carly Reed

With seven seas, seven continents, a hundred and ninety-five countries, and a history spanning billions of years, our little blue planet, the only one assumed to hold any signs of “life,” has been dominated by a single species. A species that has been blessed with the most potential, one that has quite literally reached the stars and touched the moon. 

Humans have always been capable of doing great things.

As inspiring as this may sound, humans, besides their brilliance, are also known for their vulnerability. Despite their unrivaled potential and gifts, humans tend to forget what they are truly capable of. 

They choose to hide behind a mask, giving into the pressures of society and, in the process, preventing their brilliance from shining through.

There is one book that teaches you otherwise. Reconnecting you with your true self, helping you tap into your true potential, and cultivating self-love, author Carly Reed invites you to an ode to healing, HUMAN: Behind the Mask.

The book is a deeply personal memoir of spiritual growth and recovery. The author expresses the truth through vividly described poetry, written to connect with others and inspire hope for those suffering through adversity. Be it addiction, lack of self-esteem, or depression, the read is medicine for the soul.

Carly aims to help readers connect with the human inside them and embrace their true selves. She teaches people to let go of the exhausting habit of hiding behind a façade and live a fulfilled life. 

Behind every ambitious book, there is a moment of inspiration. We sat down with Carly to understand what sparked her interest to put her pen to paper and ink out one of the most exciting poetry books of 2024. 

Carly began writing poetry and painting her thoughts and feelings to get through the intense cravings that accompany addiction. This explains why the poetry in her book feels so personal, raw, and honest, resonating with readers of multiple backgrounds. These creative outlets helped her tremendously in dealing with recovery. Little by little, she felt the weight on her shoulders ease. Little did she know that venting out her feelings would become a source of inspiration and a hallmark of self-healing for many. That’s the thing about hope; sometimes, it stems from the most unexpected places. You find solace in the place you were avoiding and instead confront it. Carly mentioned that she regretted not getting help or speaking out sooner. Carly realized the potential her art could have on others who can relate and identify with her struggles. Hence, she thoughtfully formatted her poems and artwork into a book.  

The lessons learned in the book convey a positive message. For those who find themselves aimlessly driving through a “never-ending” tunnel, Carly reminds you to take heart, for there is light at the end of it that awaits you. 

The book covers fundamental and hard-hitting themes that cover the struggle almost every individual encounters daily. Carly brushes up on mental health, body dysmorphia, and addiction, heavily resonating with mainstream societal issues today. We live in a world that constantly demands “perfection.” Perhaps we are to blame for this as we swipe away on our phones, fueling the social media epidemic of instant gratification and unrealistic standards. How often do you feel insecure after seeing a picture of a model or a celebrity showing off their new Mercedes? Where there is nothing wrong with celebrating your achievements, social media has become a cesspool of unnecessary competition. People only show parts of themselves that they think are socially apt enough to be seen. 

Or, simply put, they hide behind a mask.

Carly’s book is a love letter to all those tired of finding a new mask to hide behind. She starts off her book with a beautiful reminder.

“God gave you a purpose before anyone gave an opinion.” 

Carly’s book instigates a shift in perspective. Instead of looking at adversity as a curse or unfortunate circumstance, we see an opportunity to grow just as she did, painting her thoughts into rhymes that would become a beacon of hope for people.

Behind the Mask is an ode to humanity to realize that we are stronger than we think, to those struggling to quit their addiction, to those who feel as though they are not good enough, and to all those dwelling on their failures. 

Put your mask down. Embrace yourself.

And if you need help, you can confide in Carly Reed’s book, HUMAN: Behind the Mask, now available on Amazon.


Published By: Aize Perez

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