Ride Velo Health: Introducing the Innovative Ride-Sharing App That Puts the Healthcare System at the Forefront

Ride-sharing apps have become prevalent in the modern age. These applications provide the utmost convenience, especially when it comes to solving the transportation woes that the general populace often experience. However, these services are generally offered to the commuting public making it impractical for specific medical purposes. Fortunately, Ride Velo Health is a ride-sharing app that aims to solve medical situations and more. 

Ride Velo Health helps patients all across the United States get to their scheduled medical appointments at the utmost convenience. It aims to solve all the logistic problems that hundreds of thousands of patients face on a daily basis. Company founder Louis Yson is the chief innovator of this massively groundbreaking idea.

“Ride Velo Health was born from compassion. We are built to be compassionate for our driving partners and our passenger customers,” said Louis Yson. Louis is best known for his experience and expertise within the realm of startup companies. He has mastered the art of developing innovative services that solve our societal woes with simple and mindful technologies.

Ride Velo Health is Yson’s latest creation, a ride-sharing app that helps patients get to and from their healthcare appointments with ease. The platform integrates itself with Medicaid and Medicare (PENDING) so that riders do not have to worry about the added transportation expense on top of the medical appointment fees and checkups. 

Most patients who go for routine dialysis treatments, chemotherapy, follow-up checkups, and other medical treatments have reported a significant positive change in how Ride Velo Health has made their life a whole lot easier. With the global pandemic looming above our heads, the ongoing health crisis has ravaged medical logistics and all aspects of the healthcare systems in more ways than one.

Fortunately, Ride Velo Health is here to alleviate all of those negative effects. The innovative app shares the load with medical facilities aiding them on the logistics and transportation side of things. In turn, this lightens the load on the healthcare system, allowing it to focus on the more pressing matters.

It’s undeniable that the medical industry has received a massive blow due to the global pandemic. Patients have found it all the more difficult to get around safely due to the virus. Furthermore, the rate of no-shows has started to increase, costing the healthcare industry upwards of $1.5 billion annually.

In response to this, Ride Velo Health hopes to expand its operations to more locations within the United States to aid in the ongoing crisis. Currently, the company is raising capital so it could operate in more areas and introduce the app to even bigger markets through crowdfunding. Ride Velo Health has chosen Wefunder as its main crowdfunding website aiming to raise $250,000 as its goal.

Ride Velo Health is a beacon of light in these trying times. The company looks to do more than just create another startup in the near future. Ultimately, the company’s vision aligns with improving the overall health standards of New Yorkers and Americans all over the United States. With the way things are going, Louis Yson is sure to succeed in his vision. It’s only a matter of time before he gets there. 

To learn more about Louis Yson and Ride Velo Health, make sure to check out the company’s website.


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