Meet Anthony Brunetti, a Man with a Passion for Technology and a Reputation Built on Communication Paving His Way at Raytheon Technologies

Modern communications have fundamentally altered how information is distributed, consumed, important services are given, and business is conducted. The advancement of technology is a boon of business operations finding efficiencies that enable companies to thrive in the global market. Technology has made the defense market dynamic enabling it to serve commercial, military, and governmental clients on a worldwide scale.

One such personality who has carved a name for himself with technology, international business, and the communications sphere is A.J. Brunetti, the current Site Manager and Outside Contiguous United States (OCONUS) Systems Engineering Integration and Test (SEIT) Lead for Raytheon Missiles and Defense’s (RMD) Qatar Early Warning Radar (QEWR) Program.

Having a background in communications with a concentration on advancing technologies, Brunetti leads efforts to facilitate international end-user interactions, develop talent, promote business development, and guarantee mission success for Raytheon and its customers. 

Recruited in college as an intern for the Seapower Capability Center in Rhode Island, Anthony has held various positions across Digital Technology, headlining as a system administrator supporting various deployments across the United States southern border on Project Athena, eventually going international with Project Orion as a team lead supporting the Counter Narcoterrorism Technology Program Office (CNTPO) with the Colombian Armada. He would later return to the CONUS in support of Upgraded Early Warning Radar (UEWR) programs in Massachusetts, California and Alaska gaining considerable experience along the way.

Brunetti’s last project was the delivery and sustainment of Taiwan’s Surveillance Radar program, where he spent nearly a decade as the in-country technical interface between the Taiwan Air Force, Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems, and the United State’s Governments Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC). Prior to his departure, Brunetti’s team sold off a multimillion-dollar Signal and Data Processor (SPDP) technology engineering change ahead of schedule and below budget ensuring 2021 Q4 bookings for the division were met before being promoted to Site Manager of Qatar’s Early Warning Radar. 

Having recently received a second technical honor nomination by his peers for his initiatives at Raytheon Technologies, Anthony continues his work in Qatar, his engineering team working alongside their end user to deliver end-to-end solutions detecting, tracking and engaging threats by combining complementary technology to ensure the safety of Qatar’s airspace during the 2022 World Cup.

Anthony Brunetti can be on followed on Instagram @ajbrunetti and Linkedin @ajbrunetti

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