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Tattoo Artist Cacho Is Breaking Boundaries in Art through Single Needle Tattoos

Getting a tattoo is a decision that many people take seriously. It is a piece of art that will be etched onto their skin, so they take the time to research which tattoo artist can give them the kind of tattoo they want. Cacho, a rising star in the tattoo industry, has found his niche specialty. In the three years he has been a tattoo artist, Cacho has gained a considerable following and has had several high-profile clientele. His skills and style have become so sought-after that many clients will fly out to get a tattoo from him. What makes him a great artist? Dedication to his craft and continuously developing his skills.

Cacho is a tattoo artist based in Los Angeles, who works at The California Dream Tattoo, one of LA’s most famous tattoo shops. Cacho specializes in single needle or fine line tattoos as a tattoo artist. He shared how he loves the intricacies of this kind of tattoo and how the fine details in a design add up to create a very detailed tattoo. “Others say that single needle tattoos don’t heal well, but it really is all in the skill of the artist who does the tattoo,” Cacho explained, “I fell in love with doing single needle tattoos, so I have been focusing on that style for most of my career. Being completely focused on black and white single needle has helped me master the style. And because I keep doing this kind of tattoo, I improve and hone my skills even further.”

Even before he was a tattoo artist, Cacho had always had a passion for drawing. He shared, “I grew up painting and drawing. It became like second nature to me. Eventually, I went on to try other forms of art like oil painting, which I started doing at 15. Then I dabbled in digital art and animation, murals, and designing clothes.” 

What drives this artist is his passion for drawing and his desire to create an impact on people. When he first entered the world of tattoos, he saw how people viewed tattoos as more than just drawings on the body. It held a much deeper meaning for many, reminding them of loved ones, an accomplishment, or a goal they have. Seeing how much emotion was tied into this form of art made Cacho fall in love with the art of tattooing. “As a tattoo artist, I see the impact my art has on people in a very tangible way. Every day I go to work feeling so honored that my clients trust me to create permanent art on their skin,” Cacho shared. 

While being a tattoo artist has brought joy and fulfillment in Cacho’s life, he is not closing his doors to other art forms. In fact, he embraces them. He is an artist and a creative, and Cacho has been applying his skills to other fields as well. Architecture, photography, animation, illustration, and clothing design are some of the avenues he has been foraying into. He is branching out, and he believes it has a positive impact on his skills and identity as an artist. 

Cacho’s fine line single needle tattoos are beautiful works of art that will accompany his clients for the rest of their lives. With each piece he makes and each client he works with, he grows as an artist and person. “Go out and explore. Find something that moves you from the inside and just go with it. That’s what I did, and that’s how I became a tattoo artist. Follow your true passions and do what brings you true happiness.”

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