Improve Your Sports Performance With the World’s Most Innovative Breathing Resistance Device

Athletes always aim to reach new milestones and improve on their personal bests. Regardless of what sport or mode of fitness an athlete specializes in, most of them share a common goal of beating their past performance, becoming more assertive, performing for longer, and working out more comfortably. 

Through rigorous studies, it has been identified that breathing is one of the most optimum ways to improve sporting performance, primarily because better breathing and breathing exercises can improve the oxygen delivery to the lungs to improve lung capacity and reduce shallow breathing, which often causes athletes to feel fatigued. 

Despite several breathing devices on the market, Better Breathing Sport has taken the industry by storm since the release of its breathing device in 2021. This device is the first to incorporate vibrations and resistance to improve the oxygen delivery system for athletes of all levels. In addition, it is suitable for those looking to improve their lung performance progressively.

Essentially, incorporating these vibrations and resistance settings can reduce lactic acid build-up in the muscles. In turn, this improves training and workout times. For performance athletes such as swimmers, cyclists or sprinters, the Better Breathing Device can also help train lung capacity to send more oxygen to the body and muscles. As a result, athletes can push themselves more through enhanced energy and reduced recovery times.

During the soft launch, the device saw significant success, with athletes from various disciplines commenting on significant improvements. Since its hard launch, the product has been picked up by local sporting legend Tim Cahill, who now considers himself an ambassador of the brand. He commented, “I find the Better Breathing Sport helpful in a variety of situations. I especially like to use it as part of a warm-up; before exercise. I find that it helps prepare my body for whatever workout I’m about to do.” 

Though the device has seen notable success with breathing exercises to improve lung capacity, it has many other substantial benefits. These include: 

  • Better Breathing Sport is 100% drug-free and only uses natural ingredients essential for drug-tested athletes. 
  • Each device lasts one to two years. They have been tested through frequent drop testing, meaning they are sure to thrive in your gym bag. 
  • The device is portable and handheld, so you can bring it wherever you go. 

If you are ready to make a change and improve your performance, you can purchase the Gold Coast-manufactured device online. The team is also happy to answer any questions before and after your purchase to ensure you maximize the use of your new device. 

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