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Grow your business and guarantee sales with the booming Ad Agency, AdPush Media, owned and run by experienced young entrepreneur Travis Moh

Running Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok Ads is like a modern-day gamble for business owners. Most of the time, it is a hit-or-miss, especially if not done properly and intricately. Even after spending so much money on these ads, it will not guarantee sales and profit. But this is not the case in AdPush Media, a booming advertising agency that serves all industries, including e-commerce, local and online services, course creators, softwares, books and music promotion, recruiting and employment, and businesses from small to large scale. 

AdPush Media is a small agency team run and founded by Travis Moh, a young entrepreneur who’s passionate and obsessed with digital marketing. Moh established AdPush Media in 2021, and since then, it has garnered a total ad spend of over two million dollars, with a 3.15% average CTR across all ads, and has helped over 22 clients like Papa John’s, Fund Launch, and

Since it is managed and run by a small yet dedicated team, AdPush Media makes sure to not just become another ad agency but a partner of its clients. Travis assures that there will not be a lack of communication and over-promised results. They only work on a number of clients to ensure the quality of service, and they take on select partners who already have a proven service or business that they want to upscale. For them, in order to achieve getting more customers for your business, you have to get more exposure, educate your market, and allow them to experience your product or service. It is easier said than done, and that’s why AdPush Media is there to help maximize the potential of a business.

If you are still doubting whether to run an online advertisement, remember that these paid ads serve as the social media billboard that everyone can see anywhere. It results in better sales conversion, especially if effective offers are done and audience-specific traffic is driven. As of July 2022, Facebook has over 2.93 billion users, 1.44 billion users on Instagram, and 1 billion users on TikTok; these numbers make the social media platform a perfect avenue to run your ads and get your service and products across its customers and buyers. 

AdPush helps businesses’ social media accounts grow leads, increase site traffic, and boost sales by helping them create profitable offers, find their niche and target audience, develop ad creative, and produce ad copy that turns into life-long customers. AdPush Media has also a proven track record of guaranteed sales, opt-ins, and foot traffic from any online traffic source. Moh mentioned that the company always strives to send its customers highly targeted and relevant traffic to increase the odds of their conversions. All of these without the company making money until its clients make money first.

AdPush Media believes that if you set aside money for marketing your business, paid social advertising is the fastest way to reach your sales goals profitably. “I believe digital advertising is the fastest way any business in any industry can grow profitability in the 21st century,” Travis said in an interview. 

Minus the stress, multiply your sales, get into ads now– and AdPush Media is definitely your way to go. If you want to know more about AdPush Media, you can visit their website You can also email the founder Travis Moh at

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