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Willpower Knows No Obstacles

Humans are fond of routine. They like things streamlined and in order. Although this is an effective and great approach to get tasks done, it can also turn into a negative habit. An example will be living an ordinary life if look around, there are plenty of people who lead a mundane life and are fine by doing so. This is merely because they have accepted to be ‘okay’ with whatever they have and have become comfortable with following the same routine daily. Such people are afraid of the thrill that comes with change. The idea of doing something more than the ordinary scares them, but there are some people who have challenged themselves with a change and have been successful at it. One of these personalities is Wayne Evans.

Wayne Evans is an American fitness freak, athlete, and entrepreneur who has surpassed all challenges and achieved his set goals. The co-owner of “Massage Heights” and the four-times Crossfit regional masters’ qualifier, Wayne Evans has set the boundaries high for every individual looking to change his life and make himself known.

Once a Sports Lover Always a Sports Lover

Anything that keeps the thrill and rush alive stays with the person forever. Similarly, if one develops a passion for sports at an early age, it can be said that it will stick with them forever. Wayne Evans belongs to a family of athletes, where all four of his elder brothers were sports maniacs. Being the youngest, Wayne was inspired by his siblings and started his journey in sports and, subsequently, fitness. He involved himself in various sports activities such as Track and Field, Football, Basketball, and Baseball during his high school years. He was highly inspired by Katlyn Jenner (Bruce Jenner), who in 1976 competed in the Olympics and won a gold medal in the Decathlon. Evans’ consistency in the games made him a high school State Champion Pole Vaulter. Simultaneously, he completed his Bachelor of Science Degree in 1985 from Texas State University. As time passed, his love for sports grew, and his skills improved. At the university, Wayne was awarded a Collegiate Track and Field Scholarship (Pole Vault), and he also competed in the Decathlon.

After completing school and college, Wayne slowly started settling into life. Not letting sports leave his sight, he stepped into the professional world as a school teacher and coach. In addition to this, he also began working in the health club industry and trained San Antonio Spurs shooting guard Willy Anderson. Even though he was somewhat related to the fitness and sports industry, there was this urge to do something better and bigger. Due to this desire to make himself known in the industry in 2010, he decided to take his passion a level higher and joined Crossfit.

Given the fact that Wayne was half the age of the ones he was training and competing against, there was an added pressure on his shoulders to perform better and outweigh them. Instead of being afraid and or being nervous of the new set obstacles in his way, he took those as motivation and trained harder. After spending a substantial amount of training, he excelled at bodyweight movements, barbell movements, and gymnastics. Finally, in 2012, Wayne competed in a sanctioned Crossfit competition. As this was his first attempt, he did not finish among the top athletes.

Evans was big on hope and willpower and was unaware of the word “giving up.” He tirelessly trained himself to appear in the competition again, and as expected, he performed well. His Crossfit training regiment involved five days of workout, consisting of high-intensity varied functional movements. In 2015, he finally made it to the top ranks, where he finished 11th in the worldwide Crossfit Open in the Master’s Men (55-60) category. This achievement made him realize that nothing was impossible, and everything that one aimed for could be achieved with consistency and dedication.

In addition to being an athlete, Wayne Evans is known to the world as an achiever and a family man. It is always seen that people who achieve a higher status professionally do not pay much attention to their personal lives. But Evans did not let that happen with his personal life. In fact, he was more than invested and involved with his family. “Massage Heights,” a joint venture with his wife, Shane Evans, is proof that he is a dedicated man. They started off as a single Massage Retreat in San Antonio, Texas, but with teamwork and efforts, the couple expanded their network. Today, they own 112 locations throughout U.S. and Canada under their brand, Massage Heights.

Currently residing in Texas with his family, Evans intends to continue training and working and making his way to the top of the fitness industry.

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