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“It’s Okay Not to be Okay”: Bennett Maxwell Establishes Dirty Dough Cookies to Spread Awareness About Mental Health

The amount of wealth one has generated over the years has often been seen as the basis of success. Although there is nothing inherently wrong with treating financial success as a marker for victory, it is not always the case. True enough, some of the most established authorities across any industry are best known for the ripples of positive changes they have created throughout the years, redefining success through their purpose-driven initiatives. One such individual who is currently conquering the scene for his efforts and initiatives of catalyzing change and sparking action is Bennett Maxwell, the esteemed founder of Dirty Dough Cookies. Standing at the forefront of his advocacy-driven enterprise, this power player is pushing the boundaries of any industry across the world.

While many enterprises are geared towards generating wealth, a significant number of entities are established for a passion-driven purpose. Dirty Dough Cookies was built to bolster mental health efforts, raising income to spread awareness about depression and suicide. In other words, it is a company filled with joy and simplicity run by a relaxed and straightforward guy: Bennett Maxwell.

Bennett Maxwell did not start building initiatives dedicated to mental health from the get-go. However, this power player has been known for his efforts to establish entities that are innovative and purpose-driven. In fact, when he began dipping his toes into the entrepreneurial realm, Maxwell managed to establish Switch to Solar with his brother. This company was committed to revolutionizing the world to help reduce the impact of climate change. After 18 months, he sold the company and purchased his successful purpose-driven enterprise, Dirty Dough Cookies. Dirty Dough has develop a low start up cost, high profit margin franchise concept to help fund it’s non profit push for mental health.

Before Dirty Dough Cookies became a thriving company, the rise of this establishment was rooted in the founder’s purpose-driven mission of spreading awareness about depression and suicide. Since listening to Jonathon Haidt’s podcast that tracked the correlation between social media and self-harm in young girls, Maxwell has dedicated his career to bolstering efforts toward mental health with the hopes of sparking a conversation about this sensitive topic. Today, Dirty Dough perfectly showcases mental health, emphasizing that it is okay not to be okay.

“The name, Dirty Dough, refers to the inside of the cookie being ‘dirty’ with more goodies and fillings than any other cookie. A Dirty Dough cookie is messy and imperfect, exactly how it was meant to be. Our cookies embody our life motto: ‘It’s What’s Inside that Counts!'” explained Maxwell.

As Bennett Maxwell continues to maneuver Dirty Dough towards the materialization of his vision. This go-getter aims to send across powerful messages of hope to thousands of individuals, particularly young girls who struggle with harsh societal demands. On top of that, he also seeks to set a precedent for aspiring entrepreneurs across the globe, inspiring them to launch businesses that spark change in the lives of many.

“Businesses should be driven, first and foremost, by a higher purpose,” Maxwell said. “I love Dirty Dough because it’s perfect for showcasing that life isn’t perfect. It’s okay not to be okay, life gets Dirty, and it’s most definitely okay to have a cookie once in a while,” Maxwell quipped.

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