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International Speaker, Author, And Leading Global Business Advisor Korie Minkus On Business, Mindset, Purpose, And The Power Of Action

Global phenomenon Korie Minkus recently collaborated with two powerhouse women to pen their latest book BE…, which will be released June 28, 2022. We chatted with Minkus about her impact as an executive thought leader in the consumer products industry for 30+ years, and today, as a relied-on product growth expert, leading business advisor and coach.

“The most important investment that any human being can do is collaborate,” says Korie Minkus, co-author of BE…: From Passion and Purpose to Product and Prosperity. A deeply passionate change maker in her own right, Minkus collaborated with two other powerhouse women to write the book, which is scheduled for release June 28, 2022. A shared vision uniquely co-authored by three accomplished women, BE… is a labor of love from their combined decades of professional experiences and entrepreneurial journeys.

Delivered as a tell-all, BE… weaves together holistic principles of self-discovery, guides self-development with proven business philosophies and product-to-market systems.

After meeting her fellow author – award-winning TV producer and #1 best-selling author Lisa Vrancken, at one of Minkus’s business training events in 2020, they decided to work together on the book. They chose to funnel their decades of experience with a focus on female entrepreneurs, launching and scaling product-based businesses.

While writing, the pair reached out to best-selling author Ashley Black for advice. Black joined Korie and Lisa immediately in the writing process and they secured a publishing deal, and the rest, as they say, is her-story.  

The authors, featured on The Today Show, CNBC’s The Profit, Extra, Forbes, and more, have generated billions in revenue, launched hundreds of products, and scaled well-recognized brands while expertly navigating the competitive marketplace. Minkus adds, “We came together to write a book in support of female entrepreneurship, which has increased by 114% over the past 20 years. We want to honor the 252 million game-changing women globally, creating innovation, taking risks, and inspiring leadership. We acknowledge there have been many male thought-leaders over time that have shaped our view, and now, we believe it’s the time to give female business owners a book about them, written by women for women business owners. Collectively we designed this book to shed light on a healthy expanded mindset, a fresh approach to self-development, and define how women naturally embody the qualities to unleash their most desired life as female business owners. We wrote this book to give female entrepreneurs the permission to speak truth and achieve their life by design.”

In addition to writing what is set to be a significant addition to the world of women’s empowerment literature, Minkus is the CEO and founder of Rock Your Product®, the number one global product business advisory and growth training company. Korie leads her practice with a heart-centered approach and works with product business owners in strategic growth management, the sequence of events to expand market share, and to deliver on measurable results. She is an international speaker in thirty-two countries on consumer psychology, brand leadership, and the methods for collaboration success. As a relied-on brand expert, Korie has worked with Fortune 500 companies, trained over one hundred thousand business owners, and consulted thousands of private clients and entrepreneurs globally. She has launched and scaled over a hundred products, generating $1-billion in revenue.

Mindset And Overcoming Fear

Minkus has a three-step process to help her clients unlock the answers for themselves and shift into a headspace that can create a more robust outcome than what they initially thought possible.

To start, she focuses on information – getting to the facts and business acumen around a situation allows a logical starting point. “I begin by accessing and providing experienced business sense and understanding to help ease my clients, especially when they are overwhelmed or experiencing fear. The first step is to break a seemingly complex matter by applying the saviness and facts, based on real-life experiences, to help them understand where they are at in the process and how to get the results they desire,” she says. This way, explains Minkus, “people objectively quantify and apply a logical thought process, stepping away from what may be an initial emotional response to a problem. I like to say we get academic and solution seeking first; then we can make ways to manage our feelings with productivity.”

Secondly, she gives her clients the tools, knowledge, and skills to create a pathway to get to the outcome they want to achieve. This includes the knowledge, business experience, sequence of events, and the steps in the process they will need to achieve success.

After leading her clients through these two steps, Minkus then focuses on behavior, which is linked into passion, purpose and the company’s ethos. “We talk about the behavior around what they are feeling and how it aligns with their mission,” she explains. “We want to shift that feeling to create a more robust outcome—because feeling overwhelmed is stopping them from executing, at the highest level, on what they need to do.” This third piece helps her clients understand how to identify their limiting beliefs and shift their mindset from a feeling of panic, uncertainty, distrust, or disbelief to a place of understanding, calm, and then, “…logic is applied,” she adds. “This process allows my clients to create real sustainable change, achieving desired outcomes, and positive financial growth for their businesses.” Korie believes business is personal and your life runs seamlessly parallel with your business. She encourages her clients to lean into their strengths while leveraging their mindset, to be authentically aligned with their company values. “You have to get uncomfortable to be unstoppable,” she states defiantly.  

Pursuing Your Purpose

Minkus believes that when you live life with purpose, you create higher vibrations and extraordinary energy around you. The laws of energetic attraction are about likes attracting likes, and the energy you project comes back to you. The idea is that people and their thoughts are made from pure energy and when positive experiences are formed in the mind, they can attract positive outcomes. She asserts that living a purposeful life…” is not about picking a purpose and pursuing that purpose,” she asserts. “It’s establishing how you live your life with more purpose and the positive vibes, cognitive reframing, and thoughts that surround yourself.” To create a more purposeful outcome for life, Minkus says that we need to be asking: “Where do I want to focus my attention, to live a more purposeful life?”

In the book, the authors offer a movement called the ‘Six Bowls of High-Vibrational Living,’ designed to help you examine the gaps between your current focus and that which will serve your desired outcomes more. This examines the ideal present and designs future achievements into reality. This movement also enables you to see where you can recharge and channel energy to live a more purposeful life.

In this exercise, you use six bowls and thirty-two small objects representing two days’ worth of waking hours. This represents six aspects of your life where you desire to examine your focus. This can include family, friends, spirituality, personal development, health/wellness, and business – you get to pick.

Another suggestion is to consider the six bowls to represent a high vibrational life into six areas: Inner Light, Outer Light, Whole-istic, Social Time, Bread-and-Butter, and Passion Project. Minkus suggests that once you select what each bowl represents, you reflect and ask, “Where do I want to invest more of my time? Where do I get more energy from? How do I want to spend my hours, days, and life?” How do I create higher vibrational living and get more out of each of these areas in my life?” The book explains more about the power of this movement. The outcome is to bring awareness first, to then shift into a healthier, practical way to discover your purpose and activate intentional living.  

The Power Of Action

“Ideas are worthless; execution is everything,” says Minkus. “If you don’t do it, you don’t achieve outcomes or get results.” While vision boards are an essential movement discussed in the book, Minkus cautions that you can have as many vision boards as you like, but they are meaningless without action. “To achieve success, you have to be purposefully dynamic and actuate your playbook.”

“One of the realities of business or life is that you can’t just think about it, watch it, read it, or listen,” she says. “Your thoughts have to be actionable. And when you do take the initiative, you create more outcomes. I believe deeply in the wisdom of lived experiences.”

In her book BE…, Minkus and her fellow authors call on women to live a life of action. The book is a journey of personal transformation, ascension, and self-development from the perspective of entrepreneurship at its greatest. “I hope that people will feel like they’re entering a new space, a new realm, a new room. I believe this will allow them to recognize that they can get off their island and experience a richness in their own outcomes. The book will allow discovery and a fresh look at business, entrepreneurship, leadership, and self creation with a more optimized outcome and achieved success—however you define that for yourself.”

BE… is a timeous book that you can re-read yearly, that will allow you to reflect on your journey and pursue a life of purpose and action personally and professionally. It hits bookstores June 28, 2022.

To order a copy of this transformational book, simply hop onto Amazon.

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