How to Make Money as a Fitness Influencer or Online Coach

Zac Baker, @ceozac on Instagram and TikTok, is a young serial entrepreneur who recently sold his first venture to focus on his new business set to disrupt the online fitness industry., on Instagram, empowers fitness influencers, online trainers, and elite athletes by giving them a platform to monetize their fitness content as a subscription. Follow My Fitness allows any fitness or sports guru to start making money for their content in less than 5 minutes. All you have to do is go to, sign up, set your subscription price, and post your workouts and fitness tips. Share your custom URL link on your favorite social media platforms and when users click your link, they will be directed to your locked profile to subscribe.

“You see, the large social media companies have stripped the power from talented content creators by convincing them to post content on their platform for free” the CEO adds, “Meanwhile their content traps users on their app and they sell advertising spots to generate revenue for themselves.” puts the money back in the pocket of the content creator.

Now, fitness influencers and online coaches will be able to monetize their content and get paid for their hard work and advice. How much money can fitness influencers make on We used the income calculator to find out.  If you have 25,000 followers on Instagram and just 3% of your followers subscribed at $15/month…you would make $9,225/month by just creating and uploading exclusive fitness content. The best thing about is they don’t charge a monthly fee to use their platform. Instead of charging fitness influencers to use their platform, takes a small percentage, 18%, of your earnings to help cover the costs of the business. Users favor this pricing model more than traditional pay-to-use pricing structures because there is no risk of getting started! They only make money if you, the fitness influencer, make money. has been exploding ever since its public launch in March 2022. With their Instagram rounding out 65k followers and their platform attracting large-scale fitness influencers and professional athletes, is set to position online coaches to make the most money they have ever made.

“Another reason many online trainers and fitness influencers choose to use our platform is we allow them to avoid the headache of starting their own business. If you wanted to create your own app or website to host your premium fitness content you would have to establish your own business, hire accountants, hire lawyers, and then wait months for expensive web/applications developers to create your own platform” the young CEO says. Users like the fact that they can create a profile in minutes at and start earning immediately. At the end of the year, Follow My Fitness will send them a 1099 with their earnings to report on their taxes. It is that easy. They also handle all the customer support and banking fees for you.

Zac adds “One of the biggest mistakes I have seen from fitness influencers and online trainers recently is them creating their applications without researching what it costs to monetize on an app. For example, Apple takes 30% of all in-app purchases on most apps in the app store. That means if you make $10,000 they are cutting themselves a check for $3,000 of it. allows users to have an application-esque interface without having to pay the notorious 30% commission to the app store.”

Features we like about for fitness influencers and online coaches:

1. 1-on-1 messaging

2. Subscription-based profiles

3. Create albums to organize your workout content for subscribers

4. Profile customization

5. Ease of use

6. Potential earnings for influencers and athletes

7. Easy Payout anytime

Features we like about for users:

1. Easy subscribe and unsubscribe feature

2. Recommended trainers section

3. Easy to use interface on mobile and computer

4. Ability to subscribe and be a trainer at the same time

5. Get specific advice from your trainer 1 on 1

6. Great customer support

7. They promote their influencers and trainers to help them grow

It is clear to us that is the overall best platform to use when looking to monetize your fitness content.

To summarize we like these features: the easy sign-up process, the potential earnings for influencers and athletes, the pricing model, and the customer service. If you want to find a fitness influencer that will help you take your fitness to the next level, click here. If you are a fitness influencer or online coach looking to take your online income to the next level, sign up here.

Looking for more information? We got ahold of the Follow My Fitness calendar to help you schedule a meeting with their team. Click here to schedule a meeting to learn more.

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