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Hair Transplant Myths and Facts: All you need to know about the most talked concern | Get More Hair

Not so long ago, a hair transplant was considered an option for celebrities to look presentable. But in recent times, things have taken a drastic change. When it comes to hair transplantation, there have been a lot of myths, including side effects, and low-quality results related to it. The outcomes were usually ridiculed, dismissed and openly criticized by the general public. 

However, with the advancement of technology, this cosmetic procedure is not just publicly accepted; many are opting for it to improve their appearance. They say that, your hairstyle can make or break your overall look, regardless of your gender. And there is no denying that a little change in your hairdo – whether you are going for a haircut or a colour change – can completely transform your personality. Unfortunately, according to a recent survey, 60 percent of men and 10 percent of women are prone to be a victim of hair loss, which can easily shatter their self-esteem. In contrast, a hair transplant can help individuals regain their hair as well as their self-confidence. 

Like every other aesthetic procedure, hair transplants have a number of negative notions attached to it. To get more insight and learn about such myths and untold facts regarding hair transplants, we took our questions to one of the leading hair treatment clinics, Get More Hair.

Founded back in 2016 by Mike Smith, this 5-star facility, Get More Hair, has helped countless men restore hair growth. The clinic offers the best pricing and aftercare services, and hence it has been storming the world of hair transplant and giving its competitors a run for their money. What distinguishes Get More Hair from the rest is the unique technique they have developed called ‘Micro sapphire DHI.‘ It is a hybrid method that includes channel opening using a micro-Sapphire blade, a classic FUE extraction, and then re-implanting the hair follicles with an implanter pen. It minimizes risks and creates a natural hair look for each client. Their popularity has crossed borders, making them the first choice for celebrities. To understand the myths and actual hidden facts, we asked them to share some misconceptions they come across.

Myth 1: Hair transplants are costly

This is one of the biggest and most common myths around the world. While it is true in some cases, however in many clinics, including Get More Hair, the transplant can cost around £1500 to £4300, depending on the package, technique, level of loss, etc. According to experts, hair transplant is a one-time investment, and their results are permanent. This means this procedure is more cost-effective, especially for those patients who spend way more on alternative means like semi-permanent treatments or wigs.

Myth 2: Hair transplants are for oldies

The hair transplant is available to anyone above the age of 18. In fact, the most common kind of hair loss in males is the pattern of baldness that can be triggered at any time after puberty and is most likely to happen in the 20s. The perception that this cosmetic procedure is for older people is understandable. However, the team at Get More Hair explains that it is always recommended to get the surgery done as young as possible due to the availability of donor areas and better recovery.

Myth 3: The results are obvious

The expectation from getting a hair transplant is to have natural-looking hair. At the same time, there are some clinics that provide low-quality treatment and unsatisfactory results. However, most treatment centers, including Get More Hair, are using FUE technology, which gives exceptional results while erasing the myth of an ‘unnatural look’. Although signs of a transplant may be apparent immediately after a procedure, as regrowth properly begins, the transplant will be virtually indistinguishable.

Myth 4: Can’t wash my hair

This is another myth regarding hair transplants which is far from reality. The fact is that people are advised not to wash hair for a few days just after surgery as the implant requires time to settle down completely. But after the recovery phase, patients can wash or shampoo their hair normally without any worries.

In case you are still in doubt or have heard some other myths about hair transplants, it is always recommended to seek expert advice and stay away from any mishaps. Get More Hair also provides consultation services that can help you plan your strategy, budget, and the end result from the comfort of your house.

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