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Axiom Chiropractic Stands at the Forefront of the Industry, Introducing the World to the Healing Powers of Chiropractic Care

There is an African Proverb that goes: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Such is the crux for the establishment of the holistic chiropractic clinic known as Axiom Chiropractic. Established by the renowned Dr. Tyler Hartley and Dr. Megan Hullihen, the clinic has been providing its clients with the highest quality of Chiropractic Care by utilizing the Gonstead method and refining it further.

Prior to opening their own chiropractic clinic, the two esteemed colleagues worked in multiple offices providing the utmost care to their patients. “Although we gained invaluable experience, we weren’t in the right environment to truly express ourselves. People want professionalism in their doctor-patient relationships, yet they also want authenticity. Being authentic with our patients helps us form incredible relationships with them, which elevates their healing potential,” explained Dr. Hartley. “We wanted our patients to be more like a family. Health is a journey, and we want to help guide our patients.”

It is a common misconception that chiropractic care is only required for treating back and neck pains. Axiom Chiropractic is successfully changing people’s perception, standing at the forefront of the industry by offering the highest quality of chiropractic care and educating the masses on its true healing powers.

Dr. Tyler Hartley and Dr. Megan Hullihen are at the heart of Axiom Chiropractic. The seasoned professionals are extremely grateful that they get to be a part of life-changing, powerful healing work every day. The team utilizes the most specific full-spine chiropractic adjusting technique called the Gonstead method. 

The Gonstead method applies five different criteria to each patient in order to discover the true cause of a health concern. The extreme success of the Gonstead technique is due to the specificity of the objective criteria that are performed on each patient and, secondly, the greatest attention to detail when it was time to make the spinal correction through a manual spinal adjustment. 

The objective tests include a detailed case history, full-spine x-rays, instrumentation, motion palpation, static palpation and visualization. Axiom Chiropractic takes the Gonstead method and brings it to a whole other level by adding three more neurological scans that give insight into how the brain is communicating to the body as well as its patients’ overall state of the nervous system function.

This technology called the INSiGHT by CLA uses heart rate variability, electromyography, and thermography combined to produce a CORE score for Autonomic Nervous System Function. “We believe that the amazing results we achieve are credited to detailed nervous system exams, as well as attention to specificity when delivering the chiropractic adjustment. When performed correctly, the chiropractic adjustment will alleviate nerve pressure at the root and allow proper efferent and afferent signals between the brain and body to take place,” explained Dr. Hullihen. 

Busy professionals who strive to live a healthy lifestyle will greatly benefit from the services that Axiom Chiropractic readily provides. The esteemed chiropractic clinic does not just provide high-quality services. The team also strives to educate its community on where health truly comes from and connect the bridge between its patients’ symptoms, chronic health concerns, and how chiropractic adjustment plays a massive role in correcting that problem.

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