MadCharts: Crushing Mediocrity

How do you discern between someone who is truly driven and someone who is simply still clinging to a jolt of inspiration that’s long gone? What are the markings of an individual who genuinely harnesses their passion and determination? Is it the Lamborghini, designer clothing, or the extensive property portfolio? Or is it linear financial growth, securing success for your future, and in time empowering others to do the same? 

Is that true financial freedom? And is it at all possible for a 20-something to achieve all this? 

Enter MadCharts, the 24-year-old Forex trader who’s changing the game by staying bullish. After more than five years in the game, this young trader has proven that long-term contentment trumps what is often perfectly packaged as “instant success”.

The Origin

Having had an entrepreneurial spirit since a very young age, it was only natural for MadCharts to pursue business studies after high school. But, after seeing so many of his peers enter the corporate world only to settle for desk jobs, he realized there had to be more.

The 9-to-5 and the prospect of spending almost 90 000 hours of his life tied to a desk just wasn’t going to cut it. After seeing multiple ads and prosperous traders online, he decided to take the first step and was instantly hooked.

Like many newbies, he was flooded with options – YouTube tutorials, investment plans, Instagram “gurus”, trading bots, “make money quick”, 100% winning strategies – he tried it all. And MadCharts isn’t too proud to admit that he’s had to take it on the chin a few times. He quickly learnt what it feels like to blow accounts.

There were wins in-between the losses, but how was he going to achieve consistency? What was the secret to financial freedom? Did he really believe this was possible?

Enter the Mentor 

It’s been said that you can’t have a million-dollar dream with a minimum-wage mindset. With this in mind, MadCharts decided to take a stand against mediocrity and complacency. It was time to get into fourth gear. 

This, however, required taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture. He calls this the “question everything” part of his trading journey. 

MadCharts decided to take some time off trading with live funds and found a small group of legitimate traders. That is where he found his mentor, Quillan ‘Cue’ Banks.

Banks himself also slowly rose to success and is now one of the world’s top traders.  

Why the Mask?

When asked about the mask, MadCharts’ response is simply, “Why not the mask?”. 

“It speaks to MadCharts’ individuality. I don’t want my students to choose me based on the car I drive or the clothes I wear, I want to be different. I want them to choose me based on the results. And I gotta say, the results speak pretty damn loudly!” 

He says he wants his students to be able to relate to him. When starting out, he wasn’t focused on risk management because he was so captivated by influencers and their “magical” trading strategies. 

“We see an established trader in a Lamborghini, wearing designer clothes with a pricey watch on the wrist, and what do we do? We immediately idolize this individual and enrol in their trading course because, of course they can trade – look at their Lambo!

“We then quickly realize this person can, in actual fact, not trade consistently and end up feeling discouraged. Do you know how many hungry mouths you could feed with the cost of that Lambo’s service alone?” 

So, what is the secret to successful trading? There is no secret – it’s all about proper risk management. 

Another one of MadCharts’ core trading principles is to only do one or two trades a day. And to prevent emotions from interfering with his wins or losses, he takes on a systematic approach. Routine matters. 

Speaking of losses, when asked how he deals with this, his answer is simple, “I remind myself that tomorrow is another day, turn off my PC and walk away”.

The young trader has often been asked what his future plans are, but for now, he’s investing in his students and helping others grow. He currently only trades New York sessions but plans to expand to London in the future. Trading for big clients, however, is not part of the plan. 

“I enjoy my freedom.”

Get Skin in the Game

Ready to take your trading to mad levels? With over 1 000 students and countless testimonials, MadCharts can help you become profitable in the markets. By enrolling in one of MadCharts Academy’s courses, you will get all the education tools you need to level up. 

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Choose MadCharts. Remain bullish. 

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