Here’s Why Now Is the Ideal Time to Move and Start Fresh

Here’s Why Now Is the Ideal Time to Move and Start Fresh

By: John Glover (MBA)

It’s summer time. That means the kids are out of school and you might have planned some time off to take a relaxing vacation. Summer break is a great time to get ahead on some of the chores you have been holding off on, but it’s also the perfect time to take risks. 

Perhaps you have been looking to sell your home and start fresh. Now is the perfect time to pack your bags and plan for the future. Overall, summer is the busiest time for moving companies. Studies show that 60% of moves in the United States occur from May to August. Moving is in such high demand during this time because families have more flexible schedules, without the hassle of kids being in school. Planning a big move can be stressful, so giving yourself grace and time to execute a move smoothly is important. Summer is the easiest time to do so. 

“Moving can be costly, whether you hire experts or do it yourself, and disrupts your routine. A disrupted routine can mean sleepless nights, nightmare mornings, and no-go bedtimes. That causes stress, trips to the doctor, and performance problems for you and your children,” says Finance Coach Jeannie Dougherty

As the temperatures heat up during the summer, so does the housing market. When large numbers of people collectively decide to move, they list more houses on the market. As a new school year begins, these listings begin to dwindle. Scheduling impacts many things in our lives, and moving houses takes a lot of strategy. 

“The housing market tends to cool down as summer draws close and school starts. This is because most families prefer to move in the spring or early summer, aligning with the end of the school year. The inventory goes down from early fall until the holidays. The homes on the market after the holidays are usually the ones a homeowner must sell. Families start to look again in January and typically wait until early spring to start looking again,” Dougherty says. 

Timing is important when it comes to moving, but being smart financially can make or break it. June is the perfect time to make changes physically and financially. It is the year’s halfway mark where people feel inspired to get their ducks in a row. Clear financial goals are important for planning your future, especially when moving homes. Summer break gives you the flexibility and motivation to get through the rest of the year. 

“June is a big transition month because, hopefully, you have caught up on your holiday expenses, paid your taxes, and are ready to focus on vacations, time off, and what you want your holiday season to look like. Financial goals and some simple planning can help you get ahead and avoid the economic problems of the past year.  For some, it’s a reminder that it’s another year around the sun, and they don’t want to use money the same way or realize their money decisions use them. June is an excellent month for assessing your financial future,” Dougherty explains. 

Using summer break as your opportunity to start over in a new home is not just a practical decision, but also an emotional one. It’s a chance to breathe new life into your surroundings and find the motivation to start over in other aspects of your life, including your financial planning. Summer is a season of growth and new life, and it all starts with you and your dreams. 


Published by: Khy Talara

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