Pat Premier: Making Waves in the Music World with "Control"
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Pat Premier: Making Waves in the Music World with “Control”

Arlington, VA – In the bustling streets just outside of Washington D.C., a distinct musical pulse resonates, emanating from the studio of Pat Premier, a DJ and producer who has been shaping the soundscape for over two decades. Born in 1977, Premier has built a career on the foundations of House, Tech House, and Big Room genres, infusing his tracks with a blend of contemporary rhythms and nostalgic vibes. 

A Journey Through Sound 

Premier’s journey in the music industry, spanning 23 years, is marked by his commitment to creating music that makes people dance and have fun. Drawing inspiration from legends like Fatboy Slim and Carl Cox, and resonating with the styles of John Summit, Dom Dolla, and Purple Disco Machine, Premier crafts a unique sound that stands out in the ever-evolving music scene. 

The Latest Release: “Control” 

Premier’s latest track, “Control,” is a testament to his dedication and passion. Released on December 8, the song emerged from an idea sparked by a DJ set by Mau P. “Control” encapsulates a party vibe, reminiscent of nights that stretch until dawn. The second set of lyrics particularly resonates with Premier, marking it as a personal favorite. The track, produced by Premier himself, is a pivotal piece in his discography, representing a high-energy, peak-hour anthem. 

Pat Premier, the maestro of beats from Arlington, VA, is not just making waves; he’s orchestrating a symphony of sound that reverberates through the music world. His latest release, “Control,” is not merely a track; it’s a manifestation of Premier’s unwavering dedication and passion for creating music that transcends the ordinary. The song, born from a spark ignited by a DJ set, captures the essence of vibrant nights that stretch into dawn, infusing a party vibe that resonates with every beat.

The Art of Production 

Balancing a full-time job and family life, Premier’s recording process is admittedly slow but filled with inspiration and fun. This approach reflects in the diverse range of songs he produces. With dreams of touring and possibly embracing live stage production like Carl Cox and Fred Again.., Premier is always looking towards the future of his artistry. 

Advice for Aspiring Artists 

For young musicians entering the industry, Premier advises staying true to oneself and embracing the grind. His experiences, from playing to thousands at festivals to intimate gatherings, underline the importance of passion in the pursuit of musical dreams. 

Collaborative Dreams and Future Aspirations 

If given the chance, Premier would love to collaborate with Chris Lake, MK, and Purple Disco Machine. A dream project would involve working with John Summit. As for immediate plans, Premier is set to play at the Navy Pier for Big Night Chicago on New Year’s Eve.

“Control” and Beyond 

“Control” is more than just a track for Premier; it’s a reflection of his love for music and the joy of DJing. As he continues to make his mark in the music world, Pat Premier remains a name to watch, a producer who skillfully blends the past and present to create a future filled with rhythmic possibilities.

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