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Ice T & Coco Celebrate New Year’s Eve at The Hustler Club with Aphrodise Bubbly Rosé

By: Jeff Rush

Ice-T’s bodacious wife Coco gave her rapper/actor other half an “icy” piece of her mind about spending their 23rd anniversary at The Hustler Club on New Year’s Eve. Coco wanted to have an intimate dinner and a quiet night at home and was shocked and upset to find out her husband had agreed to host a big bash at the sceney gentleman’s club in Hell’s Kitchen, NY, with his pal movie producer Noel Ashman.

As the clock started counting down, the couple was racing up the West Side Highway, and Ice had to make an illegal U-turn on a one-way street, leaving his car practically on the sidewalk in front of the club on West 51st to make it to their table at literally 11:59. At midnight, the couple shared a steamy kiss and a magnum of Aphrodise, the new bubbly rosé from Greece, recently chosen to be served at the prestigious Restaurant Association Gala at the Savoy Hotel in London, courtesy of the bubbly’s founder Frank Schilling. The drink complemented the glamorous couple’s matching pink outfits. 

Ice T & Coco Celebrate New Year's Eve at The Hustler Club with Aphrodise Bubbly Rosé
Ice T and Coco sipping Aphrodise, a New Critically Acclaimed Bubbly Rosé

Coco captioned an Instagram photo of the couple at the gentleman’s club saying, “My rock, my diamond in the rough, love you beyond, happy anniversary, no words can describe.” So clearly, Coco ended up having a great night despite her original reservations. The couple told “Scarface” actors Steven Bauer and Angel Salazar that they had been stuck in traffic due to the New Year festivities in Times Square being hosted by Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen. Coco said on Instagram, “We almost missed the countdown because of NY’S freakin traffic.”

Ice T & Coco Celebrate New Year's Eve at The Hustler Club with Aphrodise Bubbly Rosé
Coco, Ice T, Noel Ashman, Mark Minevich

After multiple rounds of Aphrodise, Coco needed to go to the bathroom, but instead of heading down two flights to the club’s ladies’ room, she headed to the stripper’s locker room and peed with all the girls who asked her for beauty and dance tips, which Coco readily supplied. During the bash for 300, the DJ played Ice-T’s “Colors,” to which he rapped along, as did Melle Mel to his hit “The Message,” and Treach to his song “Hip Hop Hooray.”

The lovey-dovey couple in matching pink outfits left the hot gentleman’s club hand in hand at 4 am. The Hustler Club, known for its vibrant and seductive atmosphere, added an extra layer of fun and sexiness to their anniversary celebration, making it a night to remember.

Ice T & Coco Celebrate New Year's Eve at The Hustler Club with Aphrodise Bubbly Rosé
The Hustler Club
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