Lakras: Breaking Boundaries of Independent Colombian Design and Art Abroad

Lakras: Breaking Boundaries of Independent Colombian Design and Art Abroad
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In a groundbreaking display of Colombian design and artistry, Lakras, the independent brand based between NYC/Colombia and the UK, is shattering preconceived limits and capturing the attention of audiences worldwide. Recently, Lakras became the first Colombian brand to showcase its collection at Scotland’s prestigious DON’T WALK show, a runway that once mesmerized Prince William during the appearance of Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. Additionally, the brand is also launching its official website, further expanding its reach and allowing enthusiasts to explore their unique creations online. 

Exploring the Fusion of Fashion, Art, and Performance: 

Lakras transcends traditional boundaries by seamlessly blending fashion, art, and performance. This marks their second foray into the international fashion medium, following their stunning debut at New York Fashion Week last September. Now, with their bold statement “Don’t Believe in Safe Spaces, Become Your Own Witchcraft,” Lakras has captured the essence of individuality and creative expression. The photos of the castle were taken with people that Alek (@alekaicedo), the founder of Lakras, met on the street and with her own performative presence. We assume a personal and theatrical approach, where people become our canvas, and where fashion becomes the means through which we tell a story. 

“The Haunted Castle” Collection: Where Medieval Fantasy Meets Colombian Design: 

Lakras’ FW23 collection unfolds like a mesmerizing fairy tale from the rural Scottish countryside. Drawing inspiration from medieval times, mythologies, and fantasy, this captivating collection challenges preconceived standards and celebrates individual expression. With 860 guests in attendance, the all-female team of directors, musicians, and artists turned the event into an unforgettable experience. Previous runway shows by St Andrews University Fashion Show have featured renowned fashion houses like Raf Simons and Coco Chanel.  

An Enchanting Collaboration of Latin American Designers: 

Lakras thrives on collective creativity, bringing together 11 talented designers—Julicore, Mariposo, Laura Garrido, Namz Anil, Valentina Anzola, Katya, Travieso, Pelitoz Locoz, Daniela Gonzales, Tercer mundo, and Fi Isidore. Each designer’s work is infused with Scottish culture, blending past patterns with a gothic aesthetic, resulting in a collection that captivates and mesmerizes. 

An Aesthetic Journey into Fear, Mystery, and the Unknown: 

Lakras’ “Haunted Castle” collection delves into the depths of human primal fears, using playful colors and imaginative designs to evoke emotions and challenge perceptions. The collection’s visual composition paints a melancholic scene, reminiscent of gray clouds and the haunting beauty of the unknown. Alek Lakras, the founder, describes the feeling of arriving alone in Scotland with a giant suitcase as both beautiful and terrifying—a sentiment reflected in the collection’s essence.  

“This collection was full of demands, not only at the aesthetic level of what is assumed to be the duty of Colombian design, but also of the role of women in the industry and in history. Lakras is a self-managed project that has all the potential to represent the different spectrums of art in the country”, says Mar Arango (@marbourdette), Creative Director of Lakras. 

Lakras: Breaking Boundaries of Independent Colombian Design and Art Abroad
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Craft Disciplines and Characters: 

Within this mesmerizing collection, various craft disciplines shine through. “The Scarecrow,” inspired by “The Wizard of Oz” movie, showcases the intricate art of the Sheep Felted process, connecting Colombia and Scotland. Meanwhile, “The Punki Witchard,” with a big blue hat and spiral hair, mesmerizes with hypnotic artistry from La Vega, Colombia. The collection also features “The Circus Courtesan,” a stunning creation crafted through screen printing and draping techniques by a Russian artist based in Tenjo, Colombia.  

Unveiling a World of Spectral Characters: 

The collection introduces a cast of intriguing characters, such as the enigmatic Ghost Empress,” brought to life through intricate handmade knitting, symbolizing arcane number three of the tarot and the wonders of the Milky. 

“Business Bicho” made in collaboration with a Mexican artist who works with airbrushes. The “Space Countess” who represented a change of state of consciousness  who was wearing a painted sublimated corset with these Ovni glasses. “The Fancy Hunter” looks like she is about to lead a war, she is wearing one of the garments which stole all the attention of the public: puffer jacket. 

All these characters were accompanied by luxurious sets of silver jewelry made with pre-Columbian techniques that makes everything feel like a futuristic vintage fantasy. 

Go and see all the LAKRAS new collection: 

Instagram: @_lakras_  

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