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Entrepreneurs Of 2023

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Welcome to our annual list of the top 22 entrepreneurs of 2023! These innovative and driven individuals have made a significant impact in their industries and are poised for even greater success in the coming year. From disrupting traditional business models to introducing new and exciting products, these entrepreneurs are leading the charge in driving forward the entrepreneurial spirit.

Our list includes a diverse group of individuals, representing a range of industries and backgrounds. We’ve highlighted their unique stories and successes, as well as their vision for the future. From tech moguls to fashion icons, these entrepreneurs are making waves and inspiring others to follow in their footsteps.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the top 22 entrepreneurs of 2023. These individuals have stood out in their respective fields and have shown dedication to their work and a passion for driving change. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for them and how they will continue to shape their industries.

1. Clint Arthur

Clint Arthur
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A Wharton Business School graduate, Clint Arthur is an entrepreneur, coach, info-marketer, speaker, author, and Pulitzer Prize nominee with several accolades to his credit. Recognized as an expert in the field, he often appears on popular shows such as The Today Show and FOX TV News and rubbed shoulders with the likes of Dr. Oz, Caitlyn Jenner, Martha Stewart, Suzanne Somers, and several former US presidents. 

He travels the world speaking at universities and organizations such as Harvard, Porsche, Cambridge, Oxford, Microsoft, NASDAQ, Mercedes, London Stock Exchange, Coca-Cola, and the Royal Society of Medicine. 

Clint is passionate about helping people find success and realize their true potential. He’s presently focused on “Impact Influence and Income Mastery “seminars designed for coaches, authors, speakers, & experts. Scheduled for January 18-23, these seminars will take place at a top luxury resort in Mexico and feature guest speakers such as Miss Mexico, and Deborah Hallal.

The ‘workation’ brings a unique mix of work and vacation and gives attendees an opportunity to learn more about building authority, getting famous, and creating a niche. Go here to know more about Clint’s journey, including the ‘Impact Influence and Income Mastery’ program, and how it can benefit you.

2. Ryan Serhant

Ryan Serhant is a successful entrepreneur and real estate mogul, known for his starring role on Bravo’s hit TV show “Million Dollar Listing New York.” With a background in finance and a passion for real estate, Serhant has built a thriving business in the competitive New York City market. 

Since starting his career in real estate, Serhant has closed over $2 billion in residential and commercial transactions. He has a reputation for being a skilled negotiator and a trusted advisor to his clients, helping them navigate the complex world of real estate. In addition to his successful real estate career, Serhant is also a bestselling author and motivational speaker. His book, “Sell It Like Serhant,” offers practical advice and tips for success in sales and business. 

In addition to his real estate and writing pursuits, Serhant is also a philanthropist and advocate for mental health awareness. He has partnered with organizations such as the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) to raise awareness and support for mental health issues. With his dynamic personality and unrelenting drive, it’s no wonder Serhant has been included on our list of top 22 entrepreneurs of 2022.

3. Danielle Gronich

Danielle Gronich is a very popular name in the derm industry with two successful businesses under her belt. Best known for introducing the acne vitamin MINDBODYSKIN, Gronich has made it to several big magazines and podcasts such as Forbes and The Skinny Confidential. 

Known as The Acne Guru®, Danielle has a huge reach and a very positive energy directed as helping shift the way we treat acne. She has worked with many celebrities and is considered a pioneer in both the anti-acne and anti-aging skincare categories.

After three rounds of Accutane failed, she turned her focus toward skincare and went back to school to learn more about dermatology and esthetics. She used her background in genetics, cellular biology, and immunology to create a name in the skincare industry and launched CLEARSTEM Skincare just a few years after her first startup, San Diego Acne Clinic. Her company focuses on nontoxic products and caters to consumers trying to address acne and ageing simultaneously.

Gronich aims to continue to introduce new products while focusing on being right for everyone. She takes great pride in being able to help people look and feel better and has plans to expand her product line in 2023.

4. Jason Wojo

Jason Wojo helps businesses convert more leads and sales through paid ads and proven sales systems and has sold more than $100 million online in paid advertising. He currently runs Wojo Media, a 8-figure marketing agency that helps businesses scale through paid ads and a variety of other marketing techniques, including landing page copy, proven cold traffic offers, backend sales systems, and more. 

Jason has made it to the Entrepreneur Magazine (Print) and was featured in the 30 Under 30 list by NY Weekly Magazine that credited him for introducing one of the world’s most high converting offers on the internet which was his 100 Ad Templates offer. His company caters to almost all niches, and he works with both startups and large businesses.

Jason uses a mix of offer creation, compelling copy, sales systems and ad creative strategies to achieve his advertising success and has scaled over 50 businesses to 7 and 8 figures. He designs customized strategies according to the brand/offer/messaging that he works with and is currently working to grow his firm. To learn more about Jason Wojo & Wojo Media, click here.

5. Heinrich Stasiuk

Heinrich Stasiuk
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Heinrich Stasuik is a highly driven entrepreneur and founder of Wild Thyme Restaurant Group. Although he has always had the desire to serve the masses, he feels he truly unlocked his passion during his post-secondary education –graduating with a degree in hotel management from Modul University in Vienna, Austria. 

Heinrich first established his company in the midst of an economic recession in 2009, starting off with just one small restaurant in Sedona, Arizona. As a result of his persistence and unrivaled passion, his company, Wild Thyme Restaurant Group now operates 6 highly successful brands in 5 different states totaling 32 locations. Their successes include; Shorebird Coastal eatery, Mole` Fine Cuisine of Mexico, Jay Birds Chicken, Stagecoach Country Roadhouse, Kai Modern Japanese Bistro, Spoke & Wheel Tavern –operating full-service restaurants with the foreground on quality food, friendly service and an upbeat ambiance. 

Due to his immense success and contributions to the sector, Heinrich Stasiuk was recognized by Arizona Foothills Magazine as the Restaurant innovator of the Year in November 2022. His advice to young entrepreneurs is: “If you are going to take something on, ensure you do it the right way, never cut any corners or just don’t do it at all. You have to be 100% committed to what you do.” To learn more about Heinrich Stasiuk and Wild Thyme Restaurant Group, click here.

6. Emma Cunningham

Emma Cunningham
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Emma Cunningham is an exceptional entrepreneur and business guru in the eCommerce space. Based out of Australia, she founded My Amazon Empire, to help other entrepreneurs within the sector scale. Spending several years in the industry herself, she’s had numerous successes and wishes to see identical results but for others. 

Founded in 2022, the My Amazon Empire community grew organically, simply with Emma sharing her own successes and proven systems. As the name suggests, her company, My Amazon Empire, helps people from across the globe start selling on Amazon by providing access to trending products, analyzing techniques and exclusive softwares, daily support and discounts via their vast partner network. As a result of her tenacious work ethic, the company currently holds a 99% success rate and just recently have expanded their warehouse facility to over 4,000 sq ft, allowing her company to store and transport products on behalf of her clients –helping them scale even quicker. 

Emma’s advice to young and aspiring entrepreneurs is: “Don’t give up! Even on the bad days. A part of being your own boss is facing the challenges head-on and not throwing in the towel. We all have highs and lows, but preserving will see you through to achieving success!” To learn more about Emma Cunningham and My Amazon Empire, click here

7. Natasha Pearl Hansen

Natasha Pearl Hansen
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Natasha Pearl Hansen is the name behind, a gift registry and crowdfunding platform that targets people going through a breakup. The business gives them the opportunity to start a new life, get over past experiences, and overcome financial difficulties. Natasha believes that the business has a huge scope considering the average person goes through several failed relationships before finding “the one.”

Her aim is to make it easy for people to move ahead in life. She hosts break-up-centric community conversations on the Circles Support app and uses humor to help people deal with breakup traumas. Also a comedian by profession, Natasha has toured the world and is known for her highly successful “I Was Supposed to Get Married Today,” comedy special based on her failed engagement in 2020, which became the inspiration for

The concept made it to Season 4 of the entrepreneurial challenge TV show “The Blox,” winning the “Most Investable” start-up award for its innovative approach and the ability to solve a growing societal need. The business started with a soft launch in 2021 and has received an excellent response from all corners. Natasha has plans to make it bigger with a funding round planned for next year. 

Go here to learn more about and how it helps people deal with the initial financial burden of a relationship coming to an end.

8. Leonard Person Jr

Leonard Person Jr
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Leonard Person Jr is a successful investor, author, direct lender, mortgage broker, and contractor with a passion for the business with an inspiring story. The man went from washing dishes to closing deals worth millions and is now busy running multiple successful businesses and motivating others. 

Best known for being a financial guru and author of highly successful books like Hood Estate the Manual, Leonard offers consultation and mentorship through his business, MyHouseGram. He teaches people how to make money by flipping homes, how to find the right property, and how to manage and raise capital. He’s available via Zoom and can be booked by going here.

He wants to make MyHouseGram the solution to all financial problems. The business offers a line of credit – up to $200k without any financial documents. The service targets individuals with poor financial health and helps improve their situation. In addition, it offers credit repair services and hard money mortgages. Moreover, Leonard has started a sister company, You’re Still Home Away From Home LLC., which helps clients get a better home through upgrades and enhancements.

9. Christian Name

Christian Name
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Christian got interested in real estate at a very young age and started his professional career when he moved to Southern California from Washington D.C. and went on to explore the many cities in the state. 

He loves being able to help people find their dream property, whether to invest or live in. Known for being professional and easy to work with, Christian believes in forming a connection with his clients and understanding their needs. He has a special interest in green properties and experience in developing and redeveloping all kinds of properties, including large estates and small condos.

He takes great pride in being a part of today’s generation of real estate experts and entrepreneurs and has a passion for the business. 

10. Marco Robert

Marco Robert
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Marco Robert is a change maker re-inventing how business management is done. He entered the corporate world at a young age but didn’t take long to find a place in this competitive industry. Today he operates several successful businesses and speaks in front of large audiences. 

He uses the now-popular BOSS model to transform businesses and help them achieve greater financial performance and organizational productivity. He mainly works with businesses that have at least $1 million in profit with a record of generating over 15 percent in net margin. Marco caters to international brands and is best known for being a keynote speaker at prestigious organizations and universities. 

He has over 30 years of business experience, including working with a number of national and international companies. He sits on the board of more than 75 companies and owns a number of businesses in different industries, including real estate and consulting. To learn more about Marco Robert, click here.

11. Rupa Dash

Rupa Dash
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A feminist at heart and an entrepreneur by profession, Rupa Dash is a futurist working to empower women through innovation, education, and creativity. 

Known for being the first Indian-American Managing Director of the White House recognized World’s Largest Women Entrepreneurship Network, Rupa is the CEO and co-founder of World Woman Foundation, an international platform that provides capital, coaching and commerce opportunity, and Dash Global Media, an LA-based entertainment company.

She has several accolades to her credit, including the International Telecom Union Award from the United Nations and the Women Making Difference Award from LA Business Journal in 2018. She is actively involved with a number of organizations, including UN Women, the Hollywood Film Festival, Harvard Business School, and Davos Forum, and has worked with the likes of Indian PM Narendra Modi.

Rupa advocates for gender equality in TV and films and has been associated with popular names like Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros. She is heavily involved with the World Woman Foundation and aims to empower more than a million girls and women by 2030. The organization enjoys a global presence and has a network of more than 300 change-makers and over 55,000 Global Mentorship Program Graduates. Recently, she launched World Woman Hour, the largest digital micro-storytelling platform in partnership with WPP and Facebook Watch with a massive reach of 42.7 million digital footprints, featured on NYSE Opening Bell Ceremony and UN Women.

A torchbearer of equality, Rupa has been appointed as the Senator of the World Business Angel Investment Forum in the US and is working on new programs to empower women and solve female issues. Planning to build a billion-dollar fund for women entrepreneurs, Rupa is focused on making this world a better place for everyone. Go here to learn more about her latest projects and how she’s changing the world. 

12. Brandon Lucero

Brandon Lucero
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Brandon Lucero is a social entrepreneur, Podcaster, and messaging expert. He went from being broke and living with his in-laws to running a multi-million dollar business. 

He has had several successful launches, including a coaching program that has done over a million. Two of his launches have gone over $1 million in sales, and more than 6 have scored six figures. Moreover, he has started another highly successful agency that generates over $600k per year. Furthermore, Brandon has two multi-million dollar courses to his credit. He enjoys doing the same thing for his clients and has helped hundreds of clients go big with multi-million dollar launches, including taking some $800,000 launches to $5 million.

Brandon mainly works with online entrepreneurs and teaches them to use psychology to communicate better. His company focuses on the current generation and follows the “New Generation Mastery” method to create website content, ads, newsletters, and funnels. Brandon works with all kinds of businesses and has helped startups scale quickly. He understands the requirements of Gen Z and has developed an efficient messaging technique based on how the brain processes information. 

Go here to know more about Brandon’s journey and how he can help your business do better.

13. Joel Nunez

Joel Nunez
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Joel Nunez is a creative producer changing how businesses win clients. The 28-year-old entrepreneur launched BookNunez in 2018 to reach more people and redefine entrepreneurship in today’s modern and decentralized workforce.

He offers a variety of services, such as video production, creative consulting and event activations. Joel works with all kinds of brands, including local stores and internationally known names like Forbes, Chase, Heinz, and House of Creed. 

Based out of New York, the creative producer enjoys music, fashion, art, and glamor, and takes interest in charitable causes. He has produced content for a Suicide Prevention Month Public Service Announcement for the national 988 Lifeline and aims to do a Super Bowl Public Service Announcement centered around mental health awareness.

He enjoys being creative and has fostered partnerships with top companies such as Lavan541, Maxburst, Eventique, and Web3NYCGallery. Joel’s hard work, dedication, and vision have helped his company grow by over 253 percent between 2021 and 2022. He has plans to continue to launch new services, grow his core team, and complete more memorable projects. Go here to follow Joel’s incredible journey and see some of his work.

14. April Shprintz

April Shprintz
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April Shprintz works with Entrepreneurs, CEOs and Leaders to increase revenue, scale startups, and create amazing company cultures. She’s become a go-to expert for mindset and leadership. 

April started Driven Outcomes, a consulting firm known for delivering results in record time after a successful military broadcasting and corporate career. She’s generated more than $1 billion dollars in increased revenue for her clients using the principles of The Generosity Culture®.

April works with businesses in every industry, including startups struggling to scale, businesses failing to attract or retain employees, and leaders looking to improve company culture. 

April consults, speaks, leads workshops, and has a short form Global Top 10 Ranking Podcast where she shares how to develop a winning mindset. She believes mindset makes success possible for all of us and that our greatest achievements are almost always created by helping others. 

15. Jon Briseno

Jon Briseno
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Jon Briseno’s journey is both exciting and motivating. After battling pill addiction and facing many personal challenges, he chose to turn his life around and focus on healthy living. Now a successful entrepreneur, business coach, and fitness expert, he’s best known for founding the highly successful HG Lifestyle brand. The business consists of two branches, HG Academy, focusing on e-commerce, and HG Fitness, focusing on physical health and wellbeing. 

Jon enjoys forming a connection with his clients and loves helping people suffering from addiction. He has plans to open a gym that’ll allow him to spend more time with his clients and help them get better results. He uses his life experiences and learnings to understand the needs of his clients and has developed an effective and efficient system that highlights the benefits of living a healthy life and encourages people to remain consistent. 

Jon has recently gone global with an office in Mexico and has plans to expand further. Go here to know more about Jon’s thriving entrepreneurial career and future plans. 

16. Josh Wilson

Josh Wilson
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Josh Wilson is a real estate entrepreneur and coach revolutionizing how investments are made. He ditched his 9 to 5 job to start a real estate portfolio and went from zero to $20 million in only a few years.

He now aims to do the same for others and has started Next Deal Mastermind, a platform that offers tips, training sessions, and programs to 9-5ers who want to achieve financial freedom and master the art of real estate investing. The company caters to people of all ages and recently launched the Private Inner Circle club that offers exclusive benefits. The company is known for being the only platform that offers 100% funding to its students.

Josh wishes to grow his business and help more families. He regularly hosts free webinars and has plans to introduce new services. Go here to learn more about Josh’s achievements and success formula. 

17. Jeremy R. Yost

Jeremy R. Yost
Sourced Photo

Jeremy Yost is a US navy veteran, real estate developer, wrestling coach, Crossfit athlete, and entrepreneur disrupting the real estate industry. Passionate about providing people with affordable housing, Jeremy is working to change the landscape and has founded two companies: Yost Enterprises and Yost Management Services.

Yost Enterprises is a real estate development company offering full-service hotels, student rentals, permanent supportive housing, and multifamily apartments through the low-income housing tax credit program. Whereas, Yost Management Services is an operating company serving the hospitality industry and apartment complexes. 

The firms mainly operate in Illinois and have developed more than $150M of real estate in the region. Two new real estate developments are in the works for 2023.

Jeremy has plans to enter other states and help more people fulfill their dream of owning a house. He enjoys being a part of the community and is working for the betterment of the people. Go here to learn more about Jeremy and how he aims to make the world a better place.

18. Alex Wagner

Alex Wagner
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At just 22 years old, Alex Wagner has already made a significant impact in the business world. With a passion for helping business owners succeed, he has built two successful companies focused on supporting entrepreneurs.

His first company, First Gen, is a marketing agency that has been empowering ordinary people and business owners to create additional unorthodox income streams for themselves. This helps them reach their financial goals faster and navigate the challenging market conditions brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to a partnership with Bottom Line Concepts, First Gen was able to help its clients recover $40 million in COVID-19 relief funding in December. And the company is showing no signs of slowing down, with month-to-month growth and a bright future ahead.

In addition to First Gen, this entrepreneur also founded Quantum Society, a coaching community for entrepreneurs. With a membership of over 4,000 individuals, Quantum Society provides daily support and guidance to its members as they work to grow their businesses.

This young entrepreneur is a firm believer that the only limits in life are the ones we believe we possess. He is constantly pushing himself and others to see themselves as unlimited and to strive for more. As he has demonstrated through his successful companies, he truly believes that as soon as we begin seeing ourselves as capable of accomplishing more, we expand our capacity to achieve even greater things in this world. To learn more about Alex Wagner & his businesses, click here.

19. Jonathan Fogelberg

Jonathan Fogelberg
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Jonathan Fogelberg is an entrepreneur and transformation specialist helping people be the best version of themselves. Born in Sweden, Jonathan moved to Dubai two years ago from where he runs his businesses, including Coach JF, a virtual fitness coaching firm.

One of the fastest-growing online fitness coaching companies in Europe, the business has coached more than 3,000 people with plans to transform 100,000 lives by 2030. Accessible through a mobile app, the program teaches people to be healthy, lose fat, and gain muscle. 

Jonathan’s focused on his business and has plans to enter the US market. His team consists of IFBB professional athletes who offer direct consultations, meal plans, and more through the Coach JF app. 

Go here to learn more about Jonathan’s expansion plans and work. 

20. Koereyelle Mallard

Koereyelle Mallard
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Koereyelle Mallard’s story is inspirational and thrilling. After surviving on a meager salary of $32,000 as a school teacher, she decided to change her life and started The Media Koe, now a million-dollar digital brand. 

An internationally acclaimed speaker, author, entrepreneur, host, and multimedia personality, Koereyelle has been empowering women since 2013. The Media Koe encourages women to utilize their full potential and provides opportunities in the field of multimedia. She offers media mentorships and works with women who are passionate about what they do and have something to share with the world. 

She recently presented her first TEDx Talk and has several accolades to her credit, including the Speaker of the Year Award at SpeakerCon. She wants women to realize that nothing can stop them from finding success and has authored the bestseller Amazon Best Seller Nobody is Coming to Save You, that talks about being your own hero.

When not directly serving clients, Koereyelle gets on the hot seat and hosts the ‘Girl Stop Playin’ podcast that’s designed to encourage women not to waste time and work to achieve success in life. Listened around the world, her show made Apple Podcasts Top 50 Chart in the US with more than 500,000 downloads in the first 10 months of launch.

Go here to learn more about Koereyelle Mallard, including the opportunities she offers.

21. Tracy Le Fleur

Tracy Le Fleur
Sourced Photo

Tate Kerkhoff and Tracy Le Fleur are entrepreneurs, matchmakers, relationship gurus, and coaches helping people find their ‘true’ love. Together with celebrity matchmaker Camelia Ray, they’ve launched The Match Agency. A matchmaking service that helps men and women find their true match.

As a trip, they guide people in all aspects of dating and help them navigate through the decision-making process. Together they believe that everyone deserves a chance at love and is working to change the dating game. Tate and Tracy understand all aspects of dating, relationships, children, divorce, and marriage and have experience bringing up children, being in a long-distance relationship, and dealing with couple issues. 

They are using their experience to teach people to not only find but also maintain and share love. The Match Agency plans on entering new markets and reaching more people. Go here to learn more about their journey and how they can help you.

22. Kamran Zahid & Nuran Rahman

Kamran Zahid & Nuran Rahman
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Kamran Zahid and Nuran Rahman are the young and dynamic co-founders of Fame Media, a PR firm that helps the top 1% enhance their digital presence through strategic PR and content creation. Kamran, at just 19 years old, and Nuran, at 22, have already made a significant impact in the public relations industry.

 Both Kamran and Nuran have a passion for communication and the power it has to shape public perception. They saw a need for a PR firm that could effectively represent the interests of high-profile individuals and organizations in the digital age, and thus, Fame Media was born.

 Since its inception, Fame Media has quickly become a go-to resource for individuals and businesses looking to improve their online presence. Kamran and Nuran have built a team of talented professionals who specialize in crafting compelling narratives and executing successful PR campaigns. 

 As they continue to grow and evolve, Kamran and Nuran are poised to make even bigger waves in the PR world. Their youth and determination make them a force to be reckoned with, and it’s clear that they are destined to change the public relations space for the better.

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