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Rechelle Balanzat on How Technology Is Disrupting Lifestyle and Fashion as We Know It

Technology has been disrupting industries for the past few decades. The internet and ongoing digitization have changed the way players work across various fields, and fashion isn’t exempt from that. CEO of Juliette, Rechelle Balanzat shares her thoughts on how that’s happening.

“Fashion technology is the intersection between fashion and technology,” explains Rechelle. “There are now many ways for technology to provide new ways to shop, sell, educate, and experience fashion, as well as their applications in fashion manufacturing, transportation, lifestyle, and retail.”

Rechelle Balanzat’s company Juliette is a lifestyle company that crosses between a fashion, lifestyle, and technology brand. Primarily, the company provides a laundry and dry cleaning service, but with an elegant touch to it. As a New York City-based business, the company serves one of the most fashion-conscious metropolitan areas globally where clothes are more than just, well, clothes.

“In New York, fashion and time are some of the most important commodities,” explains Balanzat. “Our service gives them both in a seamless manner.”

Using Juliette is quite intuitive. The company has a web-based app where customers can request a laundry or dry cleaning pick-up. The company then picks up, cleans, and delivers clothes within twenty-four hours with nothing more than a click of a button, saving the client precious time and giving them the freedom to go about their day without having to sit idly by as their laundry spins in the dryer.

Juliette started back in 2014 as a mobile application that people could easily download.  Juliette was one of the first in the laundry & dry cleaning industry to introduce an app.  However by 2021, consumer enthusiasm for apps waned.  People no longer wanted to download another app or remember another password.  In 2021, Juliette innovated and introduced  a web service version that people could use to request pickups.. The company also integrated an SMS feature into the native web experience to facilitate communication with clients. In addition, the dashboard runs on an AI-based concierge that assures faster transactions and navigation.

As the world shifts into the future and adapts to more innovations across various fields and industries, services like Juliette look to lead the way for fast-paced digitization that will remove arduous tasks from busy individuals to give them time to pursue the lifestyle they want. Juliette puts a polished spin on what has long been viewed as a dull task and gives people a sense of pride over the brand of laundry they now carry. Juliette also commits to the utmost care towards their client’s clothes, handling all apparel brands no matter how premiere the brand might be.

Juliette also has a physical location on 247 West 87th Street, New York, for those who prefer to drop off their garments on-site. Rechelle hopes to introduce an innovative way of taking care of luxury brand apparel items without the worry and anxiety attached to careless laundry by radically rethinking the way people care for their clothes.

“As technology evolves it changes our behavior.  Not only do we want things quicker, we expect technology to anticipate our needs,” adds Rechelle Balanzat.  “To stay competitive, lifestyle brands must align with clients’ needs and values.  That means integrating technology trends into their business practices.  At Juliette, we aim to do just that.”

To learn more about Rechelle Balanzat and her company Juliette, visit their website and Instagram profile.


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