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Pure Maintenance announces its expansion plan into New York and seeks potential partners in the state

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Pure Maintenance, a company specializing in non-destructive mold and pathogen removal, is expanding its operations to New York and seeking potential partners in the state. The company, established in 2007 by Mike Adams and Jeff Evans, developed a proprietary methodology called VaPure based on patented fog technology. This innovative method allows for the effective treatment of mold spores in residential buildings without requiring demolition.

The technology produces tiny fog particles that fill a building’s volume, effectively destroying any mold spores it contacts for the desired dwell time on appropriate surfaces. This approach eliminates the need for time-consuming and invasive tear-out methods that were previously required to remove mold and pathogens. With the expansion into New York, Pure Maintenance aims to bring this innovative technology to more people in need.

Pure Maintenance has received significant interest from Farmers’ Insurance, and the company has formed a partnership with the organization. Many requests for mold removal services have come through Farmers’ Insurance, and Pure Maintenance has been fulfilling those requests from its headquarters. However, the company currently seeks potential partners in New York aiming to serve its potential clients in a better and more effective way. 

There are already leads and demand in the region, with requests coming from various sources, including Farmers’ Insurance and a program called Unicorn Leads. Pure Maintenance is looking for someone they can trust and believe in to expand their operations in the area.

In the past, Pure Maintenance faced challenges in high-rise buildings and apartments due to the equipment’s design. The technology was originally set up as a suburban residential application and was used out of a mounted truck on a driveway. In order to address this challenge, the company recently made the equipment smaller and more mobile. It makes them convenient to transport to high-rise buildings.

“Partnership with Pure Maintenance is simple and straightforward. Once a contract is signed, partners receive exclusive rights to a particular territory, and any jobs that come through headquarters will go to them. We will also provide its partners with access to our technology, giving them a competitive advantage. This partnership is separate from a franchise, so partners do not have to pay a royalty back to headquarters, a franchise fee, or a national marketing fund”, says Brandon Adams, CEO of Pure Maintenance. 

Pure Maintenance will come out for two days to train partners in person and set up all their equipment. In addition, the partners can also access online training and the 24-hour support systems of Pure Maintenance. The company will also provide equipment to its partners, which it will warranty, so partners can continue working without worrying about equipment maintenance. 

Pure Maintenance’s partnership program offers a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to enter the mold removal industry without paying hefty franchise fees or royalties. With Pure Maintenance’s support and training, partners can start and grow their businesses with confidence, knowing they have access to the latest technology and support systems.

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