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Paul Shirley, Founder of The Process, Wants to Help You Achieve Your Project Goals with a Guided Online Workspace

For creatives and entrepreneurs, delivering work on time requires not only discipline but the right habits and routines. Often, people need to get out of their regular environment—whether that is the home office or company headquarters—to engage in meaningful work in a more focused, distraction-free atmosphere.

Shared workspaces are a great way for entrepreneurs to connect with their assignments and work deeply on projects. But what if you lack access to such an environment?

Paul Shirley, the founder of The Process, has been working for years with individuals and businesses to build better routines, habits, and systems to maximize productivity and human performance. Now, he’s launched a guided workspace that promises to transform the way people work – all from the comfort of their own homes.

While some companies provide work sessions for people to join and engage in their projects in a shared, cameras-on environment, Shirley has noticed that working with a camera on only hindered their productivity; it was just another distraction.

So, Shirley launched a guided online workspace that is strictly chat-based: When you sign up for your session, you receive access to guidance from coaches who are there specifically to ensure you meet your most important goals. And when you have the freedom to work without feeling like you are on display in front of your camera, the results are incredible.

“What I am finding is that, interestingly, people enjoy our slightly lower-tech approach where everything is text-based and there is a little less pressure,” Shirley says. “There is still the pressure of time, and that structure works well, but I think there is value in the kind of anonymous way that we do it.”

Shirley is on a mission to create systems that make it easier for creatives and freelancers to complete their projects. By creating a guided workspace that is completely chat-based, he has made it easier for people to drop in, complete their work, get the help they need, and achieve the results they’re looking for.

“What I enjoy about our platform is that it’s like going to a coffee shop,” Shirley says. “You can log on, type in your goal, know that the administrators are there to help you, and get started.”

Another powerful benefit of the online workspace is the presence of the administrators, who are available during every session to help you formalize your goals for the session, keep you motivated and on track, and review your progress at the end of the time.

When you first log into the session, the administrator will ask you to enter your goals on an easy form. This helps to establish your targets for the session—and also allows you to see progress in real-time, which is an important component to building better productivity habits and routines.

Perhaps best of all, though, is that the guided online workspace provides individuals with something that has been missing in many ways during the past two years—the opportunity to be connected to a larger community of motivated, creative people.

“We talk to you when you come in, ask you how your day is going, help you set up your goals,” Shirley says. “It creates that little sense of community – a low-touch community.”

Paul Shirley is the founder of The Process, a transformational system that delivers meaningful productivity and improved performance for freelancers and creatives. You can learn more about The Process on Instagram or by reading The Process is the Product, which is now available on Amazon in paperback and for Kindle.

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