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Meet Jesus Salamo Baretta, The 23 Year Old Entrepreneur Who Turned JY Global Group into an International Success

Meet Jesus Salamo Baretta, The 23 Year Old Entrepreneur Who Turned JY Global Group into an International Success
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In business and in life, who you know makes all the difference. If you want to break into a new industry or branch your business out into another sector, it will always be beneficial to have connections already in that space. What a lot of people don’t understand about connections, however, is that they can only get you so far. 

If your father is a famous musician, that information might be beneficial in getting you a meeting with a record executive, but it won’t make up for the fact that you can’t actually carry a tune or play an instrument. The same is true for any industry, and this is a fact that Jesus Salamo Jr. has made abundantly clear with his company JY Global Group.

Jesus Salamo Jr. is a successful entrepreneur and business owner, and many may jump to the conclusion that he only got where he is because his father is also a successful businessman. But this assumption would be incorrect, and that was proven when Jesus Salamo Jr. took the company farther than his father ever dreamed possible.

Entrepreneurial Nature vs. Nurture

Jesus Salamo Baretta is a 23-year-old entrepreneur and has a reputation for his remarkable leadership and strong values, values that he always attributes to his family and the way they raised him.

“My mother and father each have very strong values. My father has been always a role model in persistence and determination. In everything he does, he is going to do his best and make sure it is what is best for the family. He never stops thinking about the people he loves, and these qualities he has are what shaped me into the man that I am,” he said. 

Despite growing up close to his family, it wasn’t exactly his dream to join the business. From the time he was a child and into his late teens, his goal was to become a professional soccer player. As his dream moved farther and farther away from his grasp, he fell into a depression and started to act out. Fortunately, his family plays such a pivotal role in his life and they were able to get him back on track.

“My father plays a strong important role in my life. He was the one who sat me down to get my life together and taught me to have a clear vision, decide something, do my best to accomplish it. So, I got into this business with my father. It is all really because of him. I was really involved in it, and then I started to love it and get passionate about the mission and what we were accomplishing.”

Beyond Expectations

Being such a young CEO, Jesus Salamo Baretta often gets questions about his age and his level of success. Every time he goes to a business meeting, people are taken aback about how he has accomplished so much at his age. 

At just 19, he entered his father’s business as a shareholder, but just a year later he had started selling and accomplishing a great deal in the plastic sector. His age aside, Jesus Salamo Baretta has a gift for selling to very niche, specific clients. And while some people will tell him directly to his face that he only got where he is because of his father, the growth of the business and his capabilities say otherwise. 

“My best friends sometimes say, “OK, his father is a successful businessman. It is easy for him.” Something I always point out is that my father is somebody in Venezuela, but no one knew him in Europe. I built our company there and grew our name to mean something there. I started from scratch to build name recognition,” he said.

Jesus Salamo Baretta and all of JY Global Group know the hard work and dedication he has put in, so he isn’t concerned with what people think, nor is he admitting that his father played no role whatsoever.

“What really got me to some of the things where I am is the confidence in myself. To trust that I can do it. That I am able to do it, whatever it takes without making excuses. I keep to my family values always. Most of my motivation is because of my family and it was given to me by my father. He gave me the character of working hard, teaching me to always look forward.” 

Moving Forward

As his father always tells him to, Jesus Salamo Baretta is moving forward no matter what, and this forward trek has moved the company into the lucrative olive oil business.

JY Global Group acquired Azeite Royal olive oils this year. Despite realizing that this market comes with a great deal of barriers, Jesus Salamo Baretta has managed to turn this venture in to yet another success.

“We are going to start the sales, as they were, at the time in Brazil by June. We are also working with Poland and, believe it or not, Ukraine. We are going to start selling it in the supermarket chains,” he said.

With strong values influencing his business decision making and his expertise in this field, JY Global Group has nowhere to go but forward.

About Jesus Salamo Baretta

Jesus Salamo Baretta, CEO of JY Global Group, is a seasoned international trade expert and a budding entrepreneur. With a passion for expanding his company’s reach beyond borders, he has gained extensive experience in navigating the intricacies of global business. Click here to learn more about Jesus and JY Global Group :

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