Hayley Fisk: Bridging the Gap Between Photography and Entrepreneurship
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Hayley Fisk: Bridging the Gap Between Photography and Entrepreneurship

In the dynamic world of photography, where creativity knows no bounds, Hayley Fisk has emerged as a force to be reckoned with. Hailing from a small town in Illinois, Hayley’s journey has led her to the streets of Los Angeles, where she pursues her artistic calling as a photographer. Today, she’s an example to the power of dedication, resilience, and belief in one’s dreams. In addition to her ability to capture compelling images, her passion is guiding and coaching other photographers and nurturing a successful photography business.

During her early years, Hayley’s artistic surroundings were shaped by her parents, creating an appreciation for the arts. While she initially focused on illustration and traditional art, it was only in college that she found her true passion. Exploring 2D art, she excelled at painting and drawing but found them lacking a sense of innate belonging. An encounter with a Geology class and a heartfelt conversation with her father led to an epiphany — photography was her calling.

After graduating in 2012 with a BFA in photography and a BA in art history, Hayley set her sights on Los Angeles — a city for creative minds providing endless possibilities. Having seized the opportunity to intern with a renowned photographer whose work she admired, she embarked on her professional journey. 

Little did Hayley realize that this experience would open unforeseen doors, ultimately leading to her becoming a professional retoucher who edits images for brands, magazines, and billboards. Despite the financial stability this brought her, Hayley felt her creative spark fade away, making her return to her true love: photography. Infused with a dedication to fashion photography, Hayley quickly attracted the attention of a major fashion brand, sending her into the world of fashion photography.

It was only in the fall of 2019 that things started going sideways for Hayley with her fashion clients beginning to depart, opting for photographers willing to embrace full-time commitments, something that Hayley was completely against. Fortunately, she had started dabbling in stylized product photography and was working for an amazing creative agency which she still works with today.

With a renewed sense of purpose, she delved into stylized product photography dedicating herself to mastering her craft. Within this artistic realm, Hayley managed to thrive using the creative freedom that enabled her to curate a captivating portfolio, and express her unique artistic vision.

Despite the global pandemic in 2020, Hayley established Hayley Fisk Photo. Equipped with a well-appointed home studio, she weathered the storm of lockdowns, expanding her services to encompass beauty alongside product photography. Through her work, Hayley has earned various recognition, collaborating with renowned brands such as Lemme, Meaningful Beauty, Flower Beauty, and Crepe Erase.

Through her coaching program, “A Look Behind The Lens,” Hayley stands tall as a model for aspiring photographers. Rooted in a belief in the untapped potential of every photographer, her philosophy follows the idea that each young artist possesses the same caliber as any seasoned professional. Amidst uncertainty, Hayley is dedicated to instilling the belief that embracing true passions and using our inner desires can help overcome fears and self-doubt, unlocking boundless possibilities.

A Look Behind The Lens offers a 12-week journey meticulously crafted to unlock each participant’s full potential. Through weekly 45-minute calls, Hayley provides guidance and support, ensuring that the program caters to the unique needs of everyone. Each session is specifically tailored to address a specific aspect of a photographer’s journey, allowing participants to follow a sample path or customize their sessions according to their preferences. As a comprehensive program, it attempts to achieve profound and lasting results by exploring the photographer’s story and initial goals, as well as exploring career aspirations, identifying and reframing limiting beliefs, and cultivating confidence.

In her transformative journey, Hayley has gained profound insights and wisdom, which she freely shares with others. Among her most important messages to aspiring photographers is the necessity of embracing failure as an important part of personal and professional development. “Remember that failure is inevitable, so don’t fear it. You can’t grow, learn, and become stronger without failing first,” she says.

Looking toward the future, Hayley is excited to continue her journey mentoring fellow photographers as they navigate the industry’s ever-evolving landscape alongside growing her photography business. Through her lens, Hayley unveils the profound beauty of products and those she empowers, with each click leaving a unique touch.

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