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Empowering Change: Jessica Greenwalt – Entrepreneur, Advocate, and Sustainability Pioneer

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Jessica Ann Greenwalt is an unstoppable force, making waves in the realms of entrepreneurship, mental health advocacy, and sustainability. Her relentless pursuit of greatness and her innate ability to empower others have led her to become an influential figure whose impact is felt across multiple industries.

As a passionate entrepreneur, Greenwalt has founded multiple businesses, including Moxie Media Marketing, Inc. (MMM), a company dedicated to creating positive change in the world. MMM focuses on promoting and supporting initiatives aimed at healing the Earth, empowering others, and fostering personal growth. Jessica’s commitment to excellence is evident in her ability to create and manage businesses that not only inspire but also make a tangible difference in the lives of others.

Jessica’s work in mental health advocacy is truly inspiring. As the founder of “Just in Time to Save a Life,” a 501c3 organization, she provides resources, support, and hope for individuals grappling with suicidal thoughts and mental health challenges. Jessica’s dedication to helping others in their darkest moments demonstrates her profound empathy and unwavering commitment to making the world a better place.

Greenwalt’s role as a sustainability champion is equally remarkable. As the new spokeswoman for Global Oceanic Designs, Inc., SeaDog Systems, Inc. (SSI), and Diamond Infrastructure Development, Inc. (DIDI), she has taken on the mantle of advocating for sustainable energy and water solutions. These innovative companies are at the forefront of developing groundbreaking technologies that harness the power of ocean waves to produce electricity and clean drinking water, creating a more sustainable future for all.

Jessica’s passion for change, combined with her exceptional communication skills, makes her the ideal advocate for these cutting-edge technologies. Her role as a spokeswoman not only raises awareness about sustainable energy solutions but also inspires others to join the fight against climate change and resource scarcity.

Jessica Greenwalt’s multifaceted talents as an entrepreneur, mental health advocate, and sustainability champion have placed her at the forefront of change. Her unwavering commitment to personal growth, empowering others, and making the world a better place sets her apart as a truly inspiring and visionary leader.

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