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Could This Be The Perfect Way to Enjoy Oysters?

Last July 24, the world celebrated perhaps one of the most important and universally-acknowledged holidays ever–National Tequila Day. Like many Americans, we commemorated the day by doing our best to get properly wasted with tequila-based cocktails that we enjoyed with the greasiest and saltiest food we can prepare with the most minimal effort. Of course, proper physical distancing was observed all throughout the day.

But the real highlight of the event though came a day after National Tequila Day, when we chanced upon a video on NBC 10.

To explain, the video shows the owners of Real Oyster Cult, Sims McCormick and Rob Knecht, preparing oyster shooters using their handmade organic mignonette that come in nip bottles. We don’t know about you, but a combination of fresh oysters, tequila, and gourmet sauce sounds like something we’re down to enjoy any day of the year.

To explain why oysters and tequila pair so well, McCormick says, “Oysters are naturally salty. And tequila, as you know, pairs beautifully with salt and the flavors just have a magical way of melding together.” 

Of course, with oysters of such high quality, you’d be crazy not to pair them with the best bottle of tequila you can get your hands on.  

We did a bit of digging about Real Oyster Cult and found out that the idea for this Massachusetts-based company was born when the owners decided to bring their close friends to Duxbury Bay for a celebration–with oysters and a perfectly glorious sunset as the backdrop, of course. What they offer customers are fresh, undeniably delectable oysters that are sustainably-farmed in clean bodies of water.

We also want to mention that their mignonette sauces come in four flavors–Cult Classic (red wine, white balsamic, and sushi vinegar, minced shallot, and cracked black pepper), Haze (fresh horseradish, ginger, and celery root), Lost at Sea (lemon, garlic, and a special secret pepper combination), and Tryst (lemon, organic soy sauce, wasabi, and lime)–and sound absolutely mouthwatering.  

They also sell all sorts of other stuff like crab claws and lobster. Check them out at

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