Brenda Myers Empowers Aspiring Entrepreneurs to Build Strong Ventures Through Entrepreneurs Academy 101

Starting a business can be very daunting for newbie entrepreneurs who are putting their planning and execution skills to the test. Quite often, a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs also hesitate to pursue their business ideas for fear of making mistakes or because they feel unequipped to launch something on their own. This is where online business courses and training such as the ones offered by Entrepreneurs Academy 101 come in very handy.

Entrepreneurs Academy 101 is an online school for aspiring or beginning entrepreneurs. It is designed to prepare them to jump-start their businesses in a strategic way through well-designed courses that will empower them to avoid common business pitfalls, create fail-proof plans, and develop effective systems that will ensure smooth operations.

Since the beginning of Covid 19, the way we earn a living has changed.  During the pandemic, many companies allowed their employees to work from home. As a result of this, people are choosing to leave their current jobs in search of an alternative way to earn an income in lieu of going back into the workplace.  They are realizing that working from home, having a home-based business and becoming an entrepreneur is more appealing.  Millions of people walked away from their jobs, and because of this, “The Great Resignation” was coined.  So where does one go to learn how to become a successful entrepreneur?

At the helm of providing pragmatic and highly effective courses is the Founder and President of Entrepreneurs Academy 101, Brenda Myers.

Brenda Myers understands that there is a need to train and educate these aspiring entrepreneurs. She created Entrepreneurs Academy 101 to help jump start them on their path to becoming successful business owners.  Entrepreneurs Academy 101 offers courses such as Becoming an Entrepreneur 101, How to Create a Business Plan, How to Create a Business Budget, Marketing, Time Management, 1-on-1 Coaching, and more.  Registration for the academy is free and individuals can choose which courses they would like to enroll in.  At the completion of each course the students will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Entrepreneurs Academy 101 is also available to graduating high school students who choose to not pursue a college degree but wants to become an entrepreneur.  This generation of kids are so talented that they are making a great deal of money utilizing the internet and social media. The only thing they are missing is the proper structure to manage and grow their business.  Entrepreneurs Academy 101 gives high school students an option to present to their parents if they are choosing to not attend a four-year university.  Parents rest assured that their children will have a leg-up when pursuing their dreams.

 “I created Entrepreneurs Academy 101 because it is the information that I needed when I started my business.  I had to research to try and find what I needed to get started and because of that I have compiled everything inside Entrepreneurs Academy 101 that a beginner entrepreneur needs to know in order to become successful.”

Myers CEO and Founder of Journey Insurance Solutions LLC, a certified minority and woman-owned business. She finished her college education at Jackson State University and Tulane University. Myers also graduated from the Harvard Business School’s Online Entrepreneurship Essentials. Apart from being a driven and successful lady entrepreneur, she is also a published author of the book titled Becoming an Entrepreneur: Learn How to Start and Grow Your Business. The thriving CEO also wrote an ebook titled Making the Decision to Purchase Life Insurance.

“I became an entrepreneur in 2009 during the decline of the economy when I was downsized from my job. The Great Resignation is reminiscent of that time. Female empowerment drives me. I am a strong component of uplifting women and helping others. Female entrepreneurs are growing for the economy and I want to help as many women as possible, and men, make their dreams a reality,” Brenda Myers shared.

Growing her business is not Myers’ only passion in life. She is an active member of Women for Progress, an organization that boosts women’s confidence through the Women’s Business & Entrepreneurs Network and was chosen as “Who’s Who of America” by the Marquis Who’s Who Publication Board. Myers was also previously a mentor for SCORE, MS, and an organization that assists mentors and entrepreneurs through their entrepreneurial journey. Despite her busy schedule, she makes time for her other commitments that she feels will greatly impact the lives of aspiring businesspeople. Myers is a Board Member of Dressing for Success, a member of NAIFA (National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors), and a member of Power to Exhale Central Mississippi Chapter, a group that promotes female empowerment and community service.

As a powerful motivational speaker, Brenda Myers has had the privilege of being featured on various programs, including Defining Moments with Larry Nicks, The Working Woman Report with Women for Progress, and Metro Morning Live. For a season, she was a co-host on Talking Fashion with Robert Ford and Friends. Her accomplishments in life also landed her features in Woman to Woman the Magazine and Our Mississippi Magazine.

From all angles, there is no doubt that Brenda Myers is an accomplished and highly successful lady entrepreneur with so much experience to draw inspiration and wisdom from. Despite her status in life, she chooses to press and help more young entrepreneurs reach their full potential. She also dreams of being a thought leader in the industry as she continues to dedicate her time and resources to empowering entrepreneurs.

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