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YouTube Channel Like Nastya Crosses 100 Million Subscribers and Builds an Ecosystem for Families All Over the World

Autumn brought good news. With 100 million subscribers, the YouTube channel Like Nastya has become one of the most subscribed and followed channels for kids and families and one of TOP-5 most-viewed YouTube channels in the world. Launched in 2016, the channel focused primarily on content for kids, telling viewers about Nastya’s life, her trips to amusement parks around the world, toys unpacking, and more.

The content has been evolving, the videos playfully cover very important social topics and provide educational entertainment for kids and parents. Among them bullying at school, relationships with parents, and tips to make new friends. Families can find support in these videos and realize that they are not alone in problem situations.

In addition to 100 million subscribers on Youtube, Like Nastya’s Instagram account reached 500,000 followers this year.

The Miami-based family consists of 8-year-old Nastya and her parents, Yuri and Anna Radzinsky. According to Nastya’s father, the videos resonate strongly with their audience. “When working on content creation, there is no room for burnout or boredom. Market penetration is very high. For example, nearly every 3rd child out of 10 in the age group from 0 to 10 years old watches the Like Nastya channel in the United States and India, every 4th in Mexico and Indonesia, and every 5th in Brazil and Vietnam. Being a creator and an influencer is a big responsibility”- Yuri said. “We are always open to the new, and it is a great pleasure for us to provide subscribers with new formats. For example, we work closely with a psychologist, Ph.D. with specialization in child psychology, to deliver not only fun but also useful content for our followers”.

It didn’t take long for the couple to realize that their channel’s subscribers thirsted for more than just Nastya’s natural enthusiasm. Anna, Nastya’s mum says: “To reach 100M followers we constantly follow the trends. It is important to understand what barriers children have today and address them. We are also listening carefully to Nastya’s suggestions for videos, she perfectly understands what is relevant for her age. Regular content uploads and a strong team are also important for success.” 

The YouTube channel has turned into a serious business since starting as a series of funny home videos. The team is working on content creation daily, new videos are uploaded 3 times per week, and the Radzinskys have had to hire an entire staff to cope with demand, including screenwriters, trendwatchers, producers, montage, and motion design editors. The project brings together a team of up to 50 people from Europe to South Africa. The following departments are currently working on the project: Content & social media, Digital products, Merchandising, Innovations & experimental products, Operational Management, Legal, and Finance.

Today Like Nastya is a whole ecosystem that includes a Youtube channel, mobile applications, social media, events, and partnership projects with world-known brands, among them Mattel, Nickelodeon, and Spin Master. The primary target is kids aged 2 to 8 years old and their parents.

In addition to the channel in English, in which videos are simple and understandable, the Radzinskys realized that they need to go further and inspire children in other countries. Families all over the world are facing the same challenges and joys. To make the videos more accessible, the Radzinskys began to translate them all, adding English subtitles first and then Spanish and Arabic. The Like Nastya project has 21 channels in 19 languages. The most viewed content is the content made for the age group from 2 to 8 years old kids and their parents.

Like Nastya is a complex ecosystem that is constantly looking for opportunities to scale the brand and find new touchpoints with the target audience. Nastya herself is well-known among children all over the world, she has already conquered millions of subscribers from the US, India, the Middle East, Europe, Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico, Vietnam, and many other countries.  and the team’s task is to continue strengthening the connection between the Like Nastya project and its followers.

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