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Why imrobertz1 Is More Than a YouTuber

Robert, also known on digital media as imrobertz1 is a fantastic American New York influencer who aims to spread positivity by using his reach through social media, like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms. A big part of his content focuses mainly on Grand Theft Auto V and some glitches that can be found in the game. His videos are incredibly well-detailed, and he constantly interacts with his viewers and answers questions. Robert aims to create a community where people are in a safe environment. He also uses his background as a CAD engineer and digital experience to help build his career as a digital influencer.


Robert is an experienced engineer, and throughout his career, he has participated in several projects as a designer and helped create bridges, buildings, highways, and many different engineering areas across America. He is also very talented at creating digital art designs and is proficient in character creation, banners, web design, and wallpapers. Being a creator on social media, having these skills is extremely helpful, as in social media, having a well-made YouTube page and banner helps you stand out from other creators. 

Having a YouTube channel requires a lot of work and dedication, and it is by no means an easy job, especially when using other social media platforms. Robert’s videos are short and straight to the point. Not only does he show every single step necessary to perform certain glitches, but he also interacts a lot with his viewers in the comments and will always help them if they have any questions. Robert uses all his reaches in social media to create and build a community and aims to spread positivity in his videos and other platforms. As a father, he wants to create a safe and friendly community.


Robert uses all types of different platforms to reach an even larger audience. While YouTube is his primary source of content, you can also find him on Reddit, TikTok, Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, se7evensins, and he has his website. Having all these media types helps Robert expand his reach, and he constantly creates and posts new content for all of them. However, as mentioned before, Robert isn’t only a content creator and a very successful and well-known engineer and digital designer. If you’re interested in getting to know his work, you can also access his LinkedIn. Being a father, content creator, engineer, and digital designer can be a lot, but he manages to balance everything. He posts new content on his YouTube three days a week, and his TikTok also has a lot of his videos. Robert has already created a fantastic community, and it is impressive to see how positive and friendly it is. In the future, we can expect his growth in social media, as his content is entertaining and easy to consume. 

YouTube https://www.youtube.com/c/imrobertz1

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