Upcoming Artist DJ Primetime Is Here To Dominate The Music Industry

While many people spend most of their lives finding their passion, some are fortunate enough to have a clear vision of what and where they want to be early on in life. One of such individuals is DJ Primetime. Born into a family of musicians, the upcoming artist feels that music is embedded into his DNA. He recently dropped his latest single called “How We Do It,” featuring LA’s BlueBucksClan and Chris O’Bannon. The track is a modern take on Montell Jordan’s classic hit “This Is How We Do It.” As far as what’s coming next, DJ Primetime is not stopping there. He also proudly announced his forthcoming project called My Life is a Movie, which is coming soon. With the hot new single and upcoming project, DJ Primetime amplifies that he is here to dominate.

DJ Primetime was born and raised in Los Angeles. He grew up witnessing his father completely living a blissful life as a DJ. His mother, a jazz player, was also a significant influence on his upbringing. Having parents who both found joy in music, the artist knew that his destiny lies in the same path as well. Ever since young, he has manifested the signs of a great musician in the making, following the footsteps of his parents. Today, he is ready to take on the music industry and conquer it, one track at a time.

Playing the drums as early as two years old came naturally for DJ Primetime, a passion he carried well throughout his youth. But it wasn’t until 2019 when he dropped his first song entitled “Tear It Up,” featuring Vinny West and Famous Uno, when his desire to be a musician finally grew. Music was something that made him happy, but DJ Primetime never saw it as a career. But seeing how his song, “Tear It Up,” struck a chord among global audiences and went viral on SoundCloud with over 1.8 million views, he decided to pursue music full-time. 

From that point on, DJ Primetime saw how his music inspired millions of listeners across the globe; how his tracks became someone else’s anthem. He understood the power music has on people from all walks of life and how it can transcend boundaries. Seeing how millions were captivated by his creation fueled his desire to do more and push himself outside of his comfort zone. It was indeed a life-changing experience, and it led him to create bigger visions for himself.

DJ Primetime is inspired by some of the most iconic names in the music industry, including DJ Khaled, Mustard, Quincy Jones, Kanye West, and Pharrell Williams. The artist has established his signature sound in the music scene by utilizing plenty of live music and samples throughout his performances. DJ Primetime embodies an electric spirit that brings life to crowds and lives by his production motto that states, “energy never lies.” Indeed, his talent is seen in how audiences dance to his music. 

Determined to prove that he has more up his sleeve, DJ Primetime aims to release more of his unique music in the future, beginning with his upcoming project, My Life is a Movie, set to hit audiences this summer. The artist shared that his recent project will set the tone for what’s to come, a sweet teaser to what listeners can expect from him.

In five years, DJ Primetime aims to land on top of Billboard charts and win a Grammy for his music. To learn more about the upcoming artist, visit his Instagram. Be sure to also stream “How We Do It” ft. BlueBucksClan and Chris O’Bannon here.

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