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Up Close and Personal with 19-Year-Old Rising Artist and Mother Tatiana Ellis

Experts say gold should be put through fire for it to be refined and reach its optimum quality. Like gold, people are also defined by what they go through. How they deal with pain and difficulty determines how brilliantly they will shine after the trials. Singer and songwriter Tatiana Ellis knows this all too well, and she is using her musical talents to inspire others and let them know that they are not alone. 

Tatiana Ellis is the creative mind between the captivating song called “Hurt.” One song after another, the 19-year-old artist of Jamaican background is slowly carving her name into the music industry and is ready to make a permanent mark. Currently based in Connecticut, Tatiana reveals her goofy, fun, and spontaneous personality through music. But beyond the facade of her songs are profound lyrics that tell the story of her challenging past.

Tatiana Ellis is a mother of a baby boy. Being a parent at a young age opened her eyes to more responsibility and broadened her perspective as a woman. Before finally finding herself at peace with her fate, Tatiana faced traumatic and painful experiences. But instead of seeing them as setbacks, the artist chose to view them in a positive light and turn her pain into lessons. Through it all, music became her constant companion, an avenue where she can be herself and say what she wants through unique melodies.

Today, Tatiana Ellis aspires to put out music that people can relate to. Her songs manifest what she has been through, who she is now, and where she plans on heading. “I aspire to be the best, and that’s just what I’m going for,” said the artist. Tatiana’s creations now reach her fans through various music streaming platforms, including Apple Music, Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube.

Tatiana Ellis has won various awards from school and has also gained recognition from her many churches. But she doesn’t plan on stopping there and ensures the audience that she still has more to give up her sleeves. The artist revealed that she would soon participate in an upcoming audition in front of some of the biggest music producers in New York. Tatiana also plans to be part of a major music competition and share her talent with a national audience. She also promises her fans more performances throughout Miami and other places from the East to the West Coasts.

Asked what makes her so driven in her craft, Tatiana Ellis shared that God and her family inspire her to follow her passion. “Without the support I get, I probably would have thought about giving up,” said the artist. “But with their strength and my energy helping me, as well as knowing that there are people like me out there who have been hurt have been mistreated and been told no they can’t do something,” she added. 

Besides her undeniable talent, Tatiana Ellis is also known for her professionalism and ability to get along with the people she works and collaborates with. In five years, the artist aims for even greater heights. She sees herself expanding her fanbase and performing at the biggest stages the world has to offer. Tatiana’s music journey has merely begun. But with her passion and dedication for the craft, she will indeed rise to the top.

To learn more about Tatiana Ellis, listen to her music on SoundCloud.

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