Magic Academy
Photo Courtesy: California Live Productions and Movieverse Entertainment

Unveiling the Magic of Education: “Magic Academy” TV Series Transforms Learning into an Enchanting Experience

“Magic Academy” TV Series emerges as a beacon of hope, fusing the enchanting world of magic with education. This innovative series, set against the backdrop of the oldest Magic Shop in California, “Zucchinis Tricks & Things” Magic Shop, weaves a mesmerizing tapestry of history, entertainment, and learning that captivates hearts, stimulates young minds, and bridges generations.

Inspired by the rich history of Monterey’s Cannery Row and a desire to rekindle the importance of family values and education in children’s lives, “Magic Academy” brings together an impressive ensemble of talent. This show features Oppenheimer star Will Roberts and the exceptional finalists of Life Academy – Ian Chen, Michael Vuong, and Josslyn Banh.

Magic Academy
Photo Courtesy: California Live Productions and Movieverse Entertainment

The concept behind “Magic Academy” is to provide children with a unique blend of magic tricks and educational content, igniting their curiosity, promoting reading, and stimulating an interest in science. Magic tricks are not just feats of illusion but are deeply rooted in the scientific principles of physics and light. Producer Sergey Ivannikov explains, “All tricks have a history behind them, and even this small detail brings kids to teamwork, reading books and practicing.” It’s about more than just sleight of hand; it’s about nurturing a love for learning.

What sets “Magic Academy” apart is its ability to seamlessly bridge the gap between entertainment and education. During late-night brainstorming sessions, the show’s creative process was meticulously crafted by showrunner and film director Victor Migalchan and Will Roberts, resulting in a format that teaches kids magic tricks with a twist. Each trick incorporates elements of physics, light manipulation, and discipline, creating a holistic learning experience.

Director Victor Migalchan took his role in shaping the visual and narrative aspects of “Magic Academy.” Filming magic tricks for the first time posed a unique challenge, as magic relies on keeping secrets. However, under professional guidance, the young contestants learned their tricks and presented them in front of the judges.

The collaboration among producers Sergey Ivannikov, Will Roberts, and Victor Migalchan is harmonious, driven by shared values and a commitment to excellence. “Magic Academy” educates and encourages kids to practice their tricks with family members, promoting interpersonal relationships and bridging generational gaps.

The show addresses the pressing issue of screen time’s impact on children by encouraging real-world interactions. Victor Migalchan emphasizes, “Our values revolve around spending time with humans and family, learning something new, presenting it to your family, and together with family members presenting it to the judges.” “Magic Academy” is a refreshing departure from the digital age’s isolation and disconnection.

Throughout the pilot episode, the young contestants, Ian Chen, Michael Vuong, and Josslyn Banh, faced challenges designed by Will Roberts. These challenges tested their skills, determination, and teamwork. The trio’s mutual support, hard work, discipline, and the sheer joy they experienced while mastering magic tricks made for memorable moments on set

Magic Academy
Photo Courtesy: California Live Productions and Movieverse Entertainment

As for the future of “Magic Academy,” the vision of the creators is clear: “Our plans are to develop into a season and then keep going.” The show’s goal is to reach a wider audience, expanding its educational impact while preserving and promoting family values.

“Magic Academy” isn’t just a television series; it’s a movement that encourages families to bond, children to learn, and everyone to believe in the magic of education. By blending the wonders of magic with the power of knowledge, this show aims to inspire a new generation of lifelong learners and create lasting memories for families across the nation.

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