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The Sara Banerjee Show Provides New Take on Street Interviews

Sara Banerjee is a multi-talented actress and writer who constantly works on her craft.

Sara has had appearances on hit TV shows like Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders and Passions. She has acted in films like The American Blend. Additionally, she has been in big-name commercials for companies such as 24-Hour Fitness, 3-M, and Logitech.  

Notably, she was a semi-finalist for the ABC Discovers Program, which is a renowned talent showcase. Likewise, she was a semi-finalist in the CBS Diversity Showcase.  

Sara has worked towards her acting goals by obtaining a BA in theater from UCLA. She studied acting with a widely known acting coach, Lesly Khan. Furthermore, she has expanded her performing studies at the New York Film Academy. Currently, she trains with Scott Sedita and Deborah Quayle.  

Entertainment is a passion of Sara’s, and she has a wide variety of capabilities that allow her to excel. She studied Classical Kathak Indian Dance with Guru Chitresh Das. She has also developed a hip-hop knowledge at The Edge dance studio and works with vocal coaches Dave Stroud, Seth Riggs, and Natalia Bortolotti. 

Sara loves to learn and has a high capacity for education. She is brilliant and is working towards a doctorate in Physical Therapy from Azusa Pacific University. She is a fluent speaker of Hindi, Bengali, and English. 

Additionally, Sara plans on adding to her skillset in the new interview-based series The Sara Banerjee Show. 

Witty Interview Series 

Sara is quite the dynamo with a charismatic flair capable of seeing the positive in any situation.  

With this outlook, she plans on hitting the streets (and cyber internet pathways) of Los Angeles to interview people from all walks of life. Even though these people seem to be the average pedestrian at first, the interviews plan on unveiling the true uniqueness everybody holds within. 

Sara is tasked with the job of allowing any random passerby that they have a story to tell.  

The Sara Banerjee Show will teach lessons to the audience, the guests, and Sara herself. She looks forward to learning new life skills through the interviews she hosts. 

You’ll witness firsthand how Sara utilizes her quick-wittedness and impromptu genius during the interviews.  

The guests on her show are real-life individuals with stories to tell. 

Life Lessons For Everyone 

One of the more intriguing aspects of the show will be the appeal of life lessons that Sara will pull from each interview, and it’ll happen either during the conversation or at the end as she wraps up. 

Every person is unique in their own right, and Sara believes that we all should be reminded of our purpose and value continually. 

Sara wants her guests to be able to combat challenging situations with an optimistic outlook and come out on the other side saying, “I’m strong because I’m valued and extraordinary.”  

Self-love is something that many struggle with and spend years trying to instill in their lives. Sara wants to build these foundations of self-worth and a positive growth mindset with her guests. 

Forming these connections with people and helping them on a deeper level is a very rare ability. Sara has this unique trait, and it will be put on display as a central component of the show.

Fresh Take On A Traditional Approach

The Sara Banerjee show will be motivational, fun, and a new perspective on street interviews. The interview gets to show people from all job fields, races, backgrounds, and socioeconomic classes.

The audience will never know what to expect from the next person. That is what gives the show a different spin from the classic interview talk show. 

There are going to be many new and refreshing situations. The audience is going to be thoroughly entertained while also maintaining essential life lessons. 

Since the field of guests is uncommon and diverse, everyone watching will find someone to relate to. They will also receive the gift of seeing how exceptional they are, like a mirror into their own soul. 

Sara is already a motivational talent and plans on connecting on a level to increase the overall positive message through the show.

Something Fresh For The Masses

The Sara Banerjee Show has a fresh new perspective on traditional approaches and what Hollywood is in dire need of.

Sara Banerjee is a strong woman of color, intelligent, kind, and powerful. She would make a fantastic role model to people worldwide, especially those who want to venture into the entertainment industry. 

Exposure to this kind of show is extremely beneficial to young actors while serving as a refresher for veteran souls. The Sara Banerjee Show has an emphasis on inclusion and keeping an open mind. Sara is going to change the definition of what a talk show is supposed to be.


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